Friday, January 23, 2015

And more Christmas quilts.

Christmas quilts

The girls all got Jellyroll quilts of some kind.

Christmas quilts for my family.

As you can see the boys big and little got some kind of Star Wars quilt.

My Bedroom & Christmas ornaments. Happy New Year!

 Here my bedroom . It's finished but for a little painting of some of the trim. it only took over 6 months to do .
I had a big hole in the floor that had to be fixed.
Thanks to my DD Jennie and her fortitude and persistence to get me help it's looking good. It's nice to be in my bedroom instead of the living room! What some paint, some trim and a new laminate floor can do for a room!
Now I am sorting thing and trying to get some organization back in the living room.
Which is also my sewing room/living room until Spring.
I made the family all a new ornament for Christmas this year. This one is my friend Janie's. I had a little Elvis fabric.
The boys was mad out of red and black Star War fabric and all the girls was pretty Christmas  and red fabrics.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Absent but still busy!

 Yes I have been gone from my blog. I took a job and it takes a lot of my time .
The upper photo is of a mug rug trade I was in this last month.
 This was a quilt for some friends new great grand son. They ask me to make for them. Each block is something in the family's life. Ruth picked out the images and I made them into quilt blocks. They picked the colors . They were very happy with it.
DD Jennie and I have been making pie carriers. this is just 2 of many.
 Jennie likes Halloween so she made table runners. This is one of them. I get to do the bindings on them.
 This is 2 more table runner Jennie made.
 This is my mini quilt for a trade I was in last month. I called it Morning Song.
And 1 more table runner Jennie made for the quilt shop. I think the Quilters Candy Shop  had kits for sale.

Working has cut into sewing time. I am sewing quilts for me kids and Grand kids. 10 in all so sooner or later you will see photos of them all.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A little of this and that!

 I made 2 more round place mats for a gift to a friend. I also made a skinny pinny that will fit in front of the sewing machine and hold pins as you work.  out of the left over scraps from the place mats.
 I also made a small quilt ( 10 1/2"sq.)  Missouri Star Quilt pattern tutorial I reduced it by 1/2 .
Last I had to try a origami folded butterfly. My flicker group A Crossed the Pond  are doing them this month.
Fall is in the air. The seasons are changing. I love the cool nights. But not looking forward to winter. I hope we have a very long Fall!
Keep stitching! Flicsha

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Disappearing Hour Glass

 At our last Orchard quilters meeting we did Disappearing Hour Glass blocks.
I made 6 blocks and miss cut one. Hate it when that happens!
 So I made a table topper with 4 of them and a small table topper with one. Then I used the mistake and made it into a basket. The block was a jinx I meant to put the pieced on the inside so  the boarder I added would turn down. Well I reversed it . Now I have a whimsical basket! Best of all I don't have to sew 4 buttons on the 4 turned down sides. I like the points!  Some times mistakes are fun!
I am not sure if I will keep the table toppers.  Maybe they are Christmas gifts?