Saturday, May 23, 2015

Water bolttles

M sister Donna ask me to make her (blue plaid ), John(Green) and Adam(red) new water bottles. They lost theirs in the car fire they had . They art in a re-enactment  group. I used a lost woven fabric and it's a lot harder to work with than cotton.
Not my best job but I got them done and now into the mail Tuesday.
My Saturday project! Keep creating. Flicsha


I made this for a gift on Thursday. It's from a black denim jean leg.  I hope she likes it. My friend cans a lot of things . I thought it would be a tuff apron that would protect her from things.
So Happy Birthday Linda!!
Keep sewing !! Flicsha

Thursday, May 21, 2015

It'a a finish!

 I  got the binding on this quilt for a friend of my DGD Kristin. She lives in Yakama WA.( not sure of the spelling). It was her first quilt . She has started more . I think we have another quilter in the making? Good start for a first time!!
 Linda at our Orchard quilt group here in town had this months meeting. This was the project for May. It's supposed to have thin strips between the rows but I left them out of mine. It would have been to wide for my table.
 It looks good with my vintage dinette set from the 70's.
Thank you Linda R. for the great pattern.
I also did a binding on a baby quilt for DD Jennie yesterday. In all it was a productive day.

Monday, May 18, 2015


 This is a challenge from a group I am in . It was paper piecing this month. It's dew on the 15th of each month. I did it on the evening of the 15th and posted it. Just under the wire.
I call it flying South. There is all kinds of weather they face in their trip South.  The piece is 5" x 7". I think that is the size for each month. The next theme  is barn quilts. It's more of a mixed media art quilt Group.
 DD Jenny needed a graduation gift for a friend daughter.  She whipped this up on Sat. went to the Graduation Sunday.
Last minute is Jennie's middle name.
It's been a busy 3 weeks with Prom and graduation . I finished Sara's duffle bag today a week late but it's done now in time for her to head to Bible camp. She is doing activities  this year. She will be there off and on for most of the Summer.
It's kind of cool here but that's better than real hot weather.
Keep making things and sewing!! Flicsha

Monday, May 4, 2015

Quick Quilt Sat.

 I belong the a group called Quick Quilt Saturday. This was what we did last Sat. It's a bed caddy . It will fit between the  mattress and box springs. The pocket will hang down and I can store all kinds of stuff in them . I made sure that a quilt magazine or 2 would fit .
Love my greens!!
Keep quilting! Flicsha

Saturday, May 2, 2015

coffee cup aprons or caddy's

I made these for 3 friends of mine for May Day. They are fast and fun to make .

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sara's last Prom.

 Sara my granddaughter went to her Senior Prom Last Sat. I had 5 teens here getting ready.
I got Sara with the hot iron.
She has a lot of hair to do.
Her hair is so heavy and long it's hard to work with.
 My day started at 7:00 AM doing flowers for 5 teens. Hair , clothing and so on.

They had a great time . I will miss do prom  with her. She is the last one of 4 to graduate. And now it's off the collage this fall.