Sunday, January 31, 2010

My next UFO!! Yes there are more!

This was a Just a buck block of the month at the Quilter's Candy Shop . I think about 2 years ago. I have the 12 blocks done but I never put it together. It was made with thangles. It has finishing instructions but I may set it together some other way.
The 2 fabrics I have to put it together is on the upper right of the photo. There's a multi dark print and a rust batik.

My mystery is done!!

I finished the mystery quilt I got from Joan Waldman. It's 88" x 104" it should fit my queen size bed just fine.
I am happy to say I got 4 quilts done this month . They have all been waiting for me for some time to finish. DD Jennie will be getting them all in the mail later this week.
Now I have to pick another project to complete.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

And the next UFO is?

Here it is my next UFO.
This one is a mystery from my friend Joan in Nebraska. At Christmas a year ago last Christmas it got put a way so I could work on gifts for Christmas . You know once it's put a way It has a hard time coming out to get finished. It's time it was finished. I love the colors and fabrics in this one.


It stated to rain yesterday and has been a down pore all night. It makes it very hard to sleep when it is rains over 2" a hour. It's funny here, they don't give the inches of rain in 24 hours on the news. Back in Nebraska rain was all ways announced. It was news!!!! I guess they have so much rain here they don't care? All I know is I have never seen so much rain so fast. They have had flood and tornado warnings all night.

Just one more from the pile of UFO's I have. Finished and ready for DD Jennie to quilt.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New fabric and DA B-day

Here are my new fabrics I got for Keepsake Quilts. It was surprise meddles, and the Hoffman challenge in the upper left corner.I just love a good surprise!!
To day is my Aunts birthday and I embroidered a new robe and got her a cake she loves pink.
The cake is called Raspberry elegance. It has Raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting. I hope it's as good as it sounds!! She is 77 today.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


It's been a busy week not so much for quilting as much as life.
I did get the 1/4 circles on my fan blocks. I hope to get them set together this week. This is the stack of throws and finished quilt tops on my dresser. Another 18" to the ceiling.
No I am not sure what I am making them for. They keep my hands going while I am spending time in front of the TV with My Aunt and Uncle. They like me to be with them in the evening.
I think we have had 3" of rain in 24 hours. I hope the sun comes out today.
I see a lot of stars on my map and want to thank everyone for stopping by and looking at my Blog.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The next project.

Thank you all for your support and comments. I love to hear what you think.
This is my next project. I did these blocks when stack and whack first came out. I had classes at the quilt shop and all over the area . Teaching this . There are lots of fan quilts in the state of NE. I have to put mauve 1/4 circles on the fans yet and the I hope I have enough fabric for the rest of the quilt.
This was to be a Christmas quilt. About 11 years ago. Sara my DGD is 12 now and she was a baby. I think it's time to finish this one.

Another one down!!!

I just finished this this afternoon. If I would have had more of my print and greens I would have done this different. Some times you just have to make do with what you have. I would have made my lattice's green. I only had a 1/2 yd. of the 2 greens each. So they made the border. I like the 2 colors for the inside border.
The quilt is 97"'s sq. so I know it will fit my queen size bed. I am going to bind it with the green pear print.

On to the next UFO

This is the last of 25 blocks. I did it last night. I was in a trade with 23 other quilters called Your Fabric My Pattern we all got packets of every one's fabric and then made them all a block with a block pattern I picked out. I needed one more to get 25 blocks so here it is. I got corner stones and lattices cut last night so now it's sewing time. I think I am going to like this quilt. Yes its green!!!
We did this all most 2 years ago, it took over a year to get the blocks back. Then I put it a way for a while. DD Jennie sent it to me here in FL. I think she is trying to tell me something???
I got the green pear print to many years ago to think about. I had been wanting to use it so when this trade came a long I used it. I bought all they had for around $2.00 a yard. I wish they would have had 3 more yards of it . I don't have enough for borders so I have to use the tan and gold I used as background.
Happy sewing!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

One down at last!!

I got this done after being packed a way and then Jennie sending it to me from Nebraska. It feels good to get a UFO done! The ladies in NE. will be surprised to see it done.
It's to be so cold here for to night and the next that I wish I had it done. Down in the teens . Burrrrrr!
So much for sunny warm Florida!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My 1st UFO of the New Year!

This is a throw that I was doing with my O"Neil quilt group last year. We all swapped fabrics for this one. It's all ready to put the block's together. The borders are cut and waiting for me.
Hopefully I can get it done in t few days so I can get to another UFO.
I am trying hard to start the NY out right and do some more things I all ready have started.