Friday, May 31, 2013

Prayer flags

 My very first prayer flag. I plan to do more there are so many thing so put to the wind.
 It is for one of the things I have all ways wanted, to travel the world and see all the places I have seen on TV and read about in books.  As a small child I dreamed of going places. I sill have that dream.
 This is out side at the back porch of my old building I have been very slow in renovating. AS you can see it need work or maybe just taken off. It takes time witch I have a lot of lately but the energy and $$ are hard to come by.
 This is my best friend and companion Spike. He is something .
 This is in my kitchen zone. Sara DGD #2. She is modeling aprons that DD Jennie made up with the patterns for the Quilters Candy Shop . She works at the shop part time.