Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My kitchen sink

This is my kitchen sink. It was in the building and looking bad with drawers missing. With new facets and lots of scrubbing and a coat of apple green paint. Some selves made out of some stuff all ready here. I love it! Dear Granddaughter Kristin painted it for me. Then she took a old recipe book from the 50's and did a collage of the pages for me on the wall. The chair is one of five I got for $2.00 each at the Goodwill.
The building is a mess but it will get better with work and lot's of $$. It will be slow but I have more time than $$.

What's nice is I can have fun and do as I like with it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In Nebraska now. And don't you just love duck tape?

My poor dog packed in the van. He hates to ride in the van. He was one sad puppy! Here we are packed and ready to head out from AZ. We couldn't get one more thing in IT!

It looks like the Beverly Hillbilly's on the move! Jennie did the packing of the van and the Duck tape wounder on top. We didn't have a problem with it all the way home.

We left AZ in the middle of July . Went to Waco , TX. to see #1 Grand Daughter , Kristin at Mission Waco where she spent 10 weeks this Summer. Then it was on to NE.

I will have some photos of my living space in the old building I bought last Oct. When I have time to post them.

I have a job taking care of a couple that are so nice. They are a joy to be with and to do for.