Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hearts and Fall.

 I participate in the I Found a heart project. It's easy and fast. This is my second set of hearts. 32 in this bunch. I sent my DGD Sara some to place around her collage. I place them in different towns and where ever I go. It's a great random act of kindness. It touches people of all ages that you will never meet or know.
 This is a fall project of my DD Jennie's. We have been doing Fall , Halloween and Thanksgiving. You can use it for a wall hanging or a door hanging or maybe a banner.
I enjoy the colors of Fall!
Keep Quilting and sewing!   Flicsha

Sunday, September 27, 2015

My week end.

 Jennie is starting a new job. She got a tablet to use at work. I made her a bag to carry it in and she also had a engagement calendar so I made a cover to match for it.

 DGD Sara wanted a bed caddy for her room at collage. I made 2 the blue for her and the purples .
Nice day a Sunny. Enjoy what is left.
Keep stitching. Flicsha

Friday, September 25, 2015

Jennie's Halloween table runner.

DD Jennie came and sewed today. This is the finished product.
While she was sewing I made a Carmel Apple Pie. It's in the oven.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's a bag day.

 I did this paper pieced block in one of my quilt groups on line a few weeks ago. I got busy to day and  made zip bags.
 This was left over scraps from one of DD Jennie's quilts.
 I did the scissor zip bags yesterday.
This was a left over from another project..
I love using small scraps from other projects.
Rain Rain go away come again some other day!
It was a good day I finished up a quilt top I started yesterday. The blocks from more than 10 years ago. 6 1/2" leaves.
It finished 63" sq.  Rain makes for a good sewing day!
Quilt on and be happy!  Flicsha

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


 Love my pumpkins in a basket.
 One of my internet quilt groups needed prizes for a quilt challenge. So I am providing them for first and second places.
 This is for a challenge in a group I take part in.
 This is a pattern I tested for a group I am in . I think we will be doing it for the day after Thanksgiving.
 This was for the Quick Quilt Sat. projected this last Sat. A Walker caddy. I made it for a quilt friend of mine for her Birthday.
 For my Secret Sister.
 For my Pen Pal Sue.
For my Pen Pal Dianna.
It's been a busy month for me . My dear friend ( my sewing machine) Dyed ! It needs a new motor. It had over 2 million Stitches on it. . I hope it gets fixed and works like it used to soon!
 Keep sewing and enjoy our Fall weather! Flicsha

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A little play time.

I had a couple of hours to play this month . My 15th of the month art challenge
was melted colors as paint.
 I was a pumpkin factory I did 11 of them over the week end.
 I am donating the prizes for a challenge in one of my internet groups . I made 2 sewing machine foot pedal pads and skinny pinny's for first and second pales and a small pair of scissors for first place also.  

Saturday, September 12, 2015

What I have been doing this Sat.

 My Sat. Quick Quilt group are doing travel pillows this week. This is my pillow. I did this morning. Front and back.
 My swap and quilt group posted this little project . So I had to try it. I think it turned out cute.
Now I am making more  for gifts.
It's so nice to day love the fall feel in the air. Just not the winter that's coming.
Enjoy the day what ever you do!! Flicsha

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A little bit of everything!

My winnings for my batik table runner. I got first.
Quick Quilt Sat. Project  Paper pieced. I still have to make something our of it.
This is from my Pen Pal Sue. I love everything.
I needed more birthday cards so I did 4 more with the fabrics Jennie gave me.
I am trying out a fan idea I had. It's the fabric with my name on the salvage. I call it Flicsha fabric.
I made some sewing machine foot pedal mats to keep you pedal from slipping.
I will use them for gifts for pen pals and Secret Sister gifts.
It's cooler today it's nice to have the doors open!
Enjoy the nice weather! Keep stitching!  Flicsha