Friday, October 30, 2009

I love my sewing machine!!!

I got my sewing machine Tuesday and it's be humming along every scents. I did these for some family and friends in Arizona. Everyone can use a new address book.
These are for my quilt group back in Orchard they are going to have their Christmas party the second Monday of November. I am sending them to my DD Jennie to put on the books for me and wrap them as it cost so much to mall books back and forth. I had the address books in my sewing room and left them for her to take care of for me.
The top one with the L is the only one with a book in it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My birthday surprise

DD Jennie sent my sewing machine and other sewing things , fabric and my quilt she finished for me for my Birthday the 25 th of this month. what a nice surprise it was in the bottom of the box!!Of coarse I had to bind it before I could use it . But that was just fine I did it last night while watching an old movie with my DA Gladys.
I had the 2 boxes Jennie sent unpacked and the machine was humming all afternoon. I am so happy to have my sewing machine I think you could say it's my best friend. I missed it everyday . The last 2 months have been long ones with out it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Navarre, FL.

This is the Island on the other side of the bridge from me. It's all Hotels and vacation rentals and a public beach. This is the bridge that takes you to the Island. Navarre bridge.
It was about 8:00 this morning and cool the little sea birds were no moving well yet.

These were all taken from the park by the bridge this morning. It promises to be a nice day.

I go out to breakfast on Sat. mornings. Just for a change from the rest of the week. I leave everyone sleeping and leave between 6:30 and 7:00. I even got to stop at a rummage sale one of the many Churches was having. My big finds were 4 knitted dish cloths and a laundry basket. I spent $1.50.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


This is Randy my D Aunts dog. He is very small and is a real prince or he thinks so. He loves his blue and white pillow . He sits on it and sleeps a lot. He is so very spoiled dog!!

I am back!

Hi all,
I have been off line for some time as of Tuesday I am back on line.
I have been here in Florida for 2 months now and finally starting to get settled.
I have been doing some sewing . I finished 5 quilt tops and sent them to DD Jennie to quilt.
She sends me a care package ever so often with things to work on. All the UFO's I have in my life she has lots to choose from.
I am hoping she gets my sewing machine shipped soon so I can start on Christmas things.
When I first got here I didn't like it at all it was so hot and humid but now it's great! It's in the 70's and the humidity is down . This last week has been just perfect.
Not a bad place to spend the winter!!