Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy quilt shop birthday to me!

The local quilt shop Quilters Candy in O'Neil Has a birthday party for their customers if they would like one . They give the Bday girl 20% off on all her purchases and the guessed 15% off. So we all shopped had cheese cake and lemon aid. #1 photo is DD Jennie and her MIL Wanda

photo #2 Maxine and Linda P.

#3 is Linda R. and Luann

Jennie serving the cheesecake.

And a great photo of the Birthday Girl!
I look like I have been on a drunk!

Just a little fuzzy. I got some very nice gifts from everyone. Loved everything. But it was the discount we liked best!
We all had a good time!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thank you and next project

Thank you all for your comments and to needlewings for joining me on my blog. I enjoy your comments.

This border in Quilt Magazine has inspired me to make a stripy quilt. For a row Robbin I am doing with 2 other ladies in other states. We each have to do 2 rows or rounds makers choice. I am going to use some of the shapes and hope to find big rick rack in green. If not it will have to be what ever I find.
I have been trying to make a Aunt Gracie quilt ever. This is the 3ed time . I had one all done but the quilting when we had the fire. So that one went up in smoke. IT had 6 1/2" blocks from all over the US and some from other country's.I embroidered a boarders on it with all kinds of butterfly's, bees, flowers and vines.
The #2 quilt was started as a row robin That Jenny and I was in and apparently one of the ladies really like our rows as she kept them. Thank goodness everyone else got their quilts in the group. So they say the third times the charm!! I think I will do both my rows with a blanket stitch on the machine and ask the other 2 ladies to piece bocks for me. All in Aunt Gracie fabrics.

These are the fabrics I am going to use. My DD Jennie was so nice to add to my stash for my Bday.
Now to get going on it. I have a Nov. 1st mail date.
I hope to make it!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Baby it's cold outside

I just finished my ear muff for some quiltie( I don't think this is a real word?) Christmas gifts.

I used a unfinished quilt project so the sq's were already together.

Some of my quilt Friends and I took a quilted sweatshirt class from Jenny Raymond and all we got done was cut sq's and sew them together. None of use finished it. We had a whole day of sewing sq's together not much more.

My DD Jennie used her sq's to make frogs she calls the 3 frogs -Jenny, Raymond, and Jacket.

I just call my ear muffs Jenny Raymond ear muffs.
One more thing done for Christmas.
I am eager to see what the other 2 people that took the class with Jennie and I come up with for their sq's.

More Christmas and a Birthday

It was such a nice day Sat. for my Big 60 birthday. Even if I was working it was nice to have the weather so
sunny and warm.

My DD Jennie gave me the best assortments of Aunt Gracie's for my Bday. My stash was sorely lacking in that department. It's nice to have new fabric. She knows me well!

I am hard at work with Christmas gift so stay tuned. There are more coming! I am letting the glue dry on my next batch of gifts now.

While I was working this weekend. I finished the bindings on the 3 small wall hangings here. I did them as gifts for My Yahoo group SEW GOOD FRIENDS We have small exchanges like a $3.00, and a SS exchange.
I found the saying in a Debby Mumm book I have, and feel it fits sewers so well.
I also finished more candy pin cushions.
I think 15?

This block is for a birthday exchange I
do in Quilted With Love yahoo group.
The lady it go's to likes pink and green. I don't know if I would join again . I have not received a block from any of the 20 some that are signed up.
I guess it's a act of faith and I am doing it because I know how nice it is to get surprises in the mail and have someone think of you. So even if I don't get any blocks I am finishing the year out and hope I made someone happy. Some times you need to do things even if there is not a reward.

Friday, October 24, 2008

For My Birthday

I got 2 packages in the mail this morning.
My Dear and thoughtful Sister, Sue in Texas sent me some Birthday Surprises. I know the photo is not doing everything justice but I wanted to share what she sent me.
I don't know how she new I didn't have a watch. And it green!
On the bottom of the angle is says Sisters. I love Jim Shore, everything has quilts on them.
I had said I don't like candles in my sewing room , so she sent me scented bears. They smell so good!
We have talked about going on a trip where there is sand , sun shine and tropical breezes. So when I opened the flip flop care you can hear seagulls and the ocean if made me smile.
It was so much fun opening the boxes. It was better than Christmas!!
Sat. is my Birthday but I will be working from Friday night to Sunday morning taking care of a lady. So the packages came at a good time.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank you Barb

Hi, and thanks to all that comment on my blog or email me about it.
Barb, My pillows are about 3 1/2 " and I machine embroidered them. Thy are to be Christmas ornaments for quilter friends. Thank you for reading my blog.
Linda, It's all ways nice to hear from you.
Jennie did you see I changed my header?
I was making a list of things to make and for who. I really need a 2 of me!!!
Or maybe some one to kidnap Don until Christmas so I can get my sewing done.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One more little trade done.

It's been raining for 2 days now and cold. It can stop any time now. We have had over 2" of rain in the last 24 hours. I am thankful it was just rain. If it had been snow we would be digging out next July!!
I have a trade in my Sew Good Friends yahoo group. We are to send a Christmas card to every one in your group with a little tuck in. There are 4 of us . That's not bad. I made the cards on my comp. cut out the window and put the ornament I made in them.
I had been trying to get in my sewing room all day. Finally at 9:00 tonight I made it.
I feel better when I can get something done every day. This was a quickie project. A few hours and all done.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Saturday

I spent my Saturday in the sewing room keeping my sewing machine going . I got 10 red and 4 more green ornaments done.
The bookmarks are a bonus I can do 2 ornaments and one bookmark in a hooping. So I did 5 Christmas and 3 more fall bookmarks.
I have a lot of Friends that are readers. So these will come in very handy .
In between that I planned and worked on other things. Just trying to pull it all together for Christmas.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not to soon for Christmas.

It's time to start on Christmas things. I am making about 4 dozen for these pillow ornaments for gifts and trades. I am going to start on some red poinsettias to day. Made like the green holly one. I found these little candle holders and you know you can't have candles in a sewing room! Jennie and I thought they would make cute little pin cushions or you could put a gold cord on them and hang them on the tree. So I made felt pillows for them. They will make great little gifts for sewers, quilters or party favors.
I have a lot of things planed for Christmas gifts but not started yet. Time is getting a way from me fast. I am going to have to get busy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Orchard Quilt meeting and a trade

I received my quick Halloween trade today. What a nice surprise a green cat! and fun fabric and of course candy!!! Karen did a great job and I love it all. We had our Orchard Quilter's Quilt meeting Monday night and we got a photo of all of us.
We are a happy bunch! I think the photo came out well. Even if we all grumbled about taking it.
That's me in the green with the beautiful star quilt behind me.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I spent Sunday morning doing tomatoes.
I got 30 Qt's of tomatoes put up with the help of Sara. She is such good help. Before Sara was out of bed Sunday I painted these. The sparkle doesn't show up in the photo.
I finished them this morning. They are for a trade with one of my groups on Yahoo.

I embroidered them on the machine and then painted them with craft paint and translucent paints for dying. I added some penalized additive to the paints. A lot of the paint leaches to the back of the fabric and batting I used. So it turned out lighter then I thought when I was painting it. I finished them off with some gold metallic cord, a eyelet and some yarn that a fellow post card maker sent me as a gift. It is recycled for a sweater or shawl from India, I am not sure. It has all kinds of great fibers in it and colors. I have used it in lots of my projects and will hate it when it is gone. I am very happy with them . They are very pleasing.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This and that!

I made Kristin this pillow, 3 hot pads, and 3 coasters for her room at collage. I put the hot pads and the coasters in the mail this morning. But the pillow will wait until she comes home some time. She has a Oz quilt she made her self so I took all the scraps and made things for her.
All that is left is a little yellow brick fabric and not much of that! Here are more of Jennie's Heart String Quilts. I got them bound last Wen. when I took care of Edna.
Jennie keeps me busy with bindings for her. I take them with me when I go take care of someone. I work on them when they nap.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's good to be back!

My computer was not working . I had to get a new monitor today for it. Glad to have it back. I was going into withdrawal. You don't know how much I missed it.
I use my computer for my embroidery machine and have to transfer pattern from my computer to my cards to put in my machine. I have things for Christmas I want to do.
The days here are so nice this time of year 60's and 70's Just love it. If only it would stay that way all winter!