Monday, October 27, 2008

More Christmas and a Birthday

It was such a nice day Sat. for my Big 60 birthday. Even if I was working it was nice to have the weather so
sunny and warm.

My DD Jennie gave me the best assortments of Aunt Gracie's for my Bday. My stash was sorely lacking in that department. It's nice to have new fabric. She knows me well!

I am hard at work with Christmas gift so stay tuned. There are more coming! I am letting the glue dry on my next batch of gifts now.

While I was working this weekend. I finished the bindings on the 3 small wall hangings here. I did them as gifts for My Yahoo group SEW GOOD FRIENDS We have small exchanges like a $3.00, and a SS exchange.
I found the saying in a Debby Mumm book I have, and feel it fits sewers so well.
I also finished more candy pin cushions.
I think 15?

This block is for a birthday exchange I
do in Quilted With Love yahoo group.
The lady it go's to likes pink and green. I don't know if I would join again . I have not received a block from any of the 20 some that are signed up.
I guess it's a act of faith and I am doing it because I know how nice it is to get surprises in the mail and have someone think of you. So even if I don't get any blocks I am finishing the year out and hope I made someone happy. Some times you need to do things even if there is not a reward.

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