Monday, September 29, 2008

Swaping my Stash

I spent the morning getting my packets done for my Swap Your Stash Group. There are 8 of us and I am the last one in the group. I planed to have it done and in the mail a few days ago. But my tooth had other ideas. It's now gone so now I am playing catch up. I went to my cutting table and pulled things off of it. Some small pieces of Linda's great hand dyed Fabrics. My favorite fabrics Batiks, and a couple of other prints that were on the table. Some mini lime green rick rack and some funky yarn. I added some mixed beads I got from My DC Gayla in Arizona. She has a Silver Jewelry Shop and she sends me her odds and ends. I love the bright colors. Now I have to figure out what I can make with it!
I sent it off to everyone today in the mail. It will be interesting to see what they make out of it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I want to thank barb and everyone for their comments . They are so nice to get.
I worked very hard on my kitchen yesterday so I gave myself some fun time today. I have a Cat trade coming up in one of my groups and this is what I made for it. This was not my 1st idea. The 1st one didn't come out so well so I did these.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Yes It's All Most That Time.

Hi, The weather here is just great this time of year I wish it could be like this all the time.
I did a quick little Halloween trade in my Sew Good Friends yahoo group. We had to make something you sew, put in some candy and one other thing. It was a good project for me after my tooth was pulled. I had to sit still for a day or so. So I did the embroidery that day. I also added a fun little pumpkin . You press the face and it lights up and blinks.
I got this embroidery pattern a some years ago and made myself one. I love mine so I thought it would make a good gift. I am not good at embroidery but I do a primitive back stitch and on something like this it works.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I got something done

I have a bad tooth that has to come out in the morning. So I thought I should get something done before. I know I will not feel like much for a day or so.
I have a apron and hot pad trade in one of my yahoo groups. We had a choice of Thanksgiving or Christmas. Most all picked Christmas. I had the apron cut out from last Friday morning and got to sew it tonight. I did the embroidery On Friday also.
The colors are bright like the hot pad but they look a little washed out in my photos.
Now to get it in the mail.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New apron and I got something done this morning

It has been cool here and I am loving it. It could stay like this all year I would be so happy!
I got a new apron in the mail yesterday. From my trade on my Sew Good Friends Group.
It's reversible. If you can't see them there is 3 pockets on each side. I love pockets to keep little things from around the house I pick up. Karen the maker of this did a great job sewing it. I don't know if I like the dark side or the light side best. I know I will enjoy waring it.
I got in the sewing room this morning and got my blocks cut for a mystery quilt. Now to fine the time to get the first step of the sewing done. This is just a tease as I will not show it until the top is done. It can't be a mystery if you get to peek.
And yes Joan I used lime green! The colors here are not as bright as they are on my table.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Memory Dolls

I just finished my memory doll trade. We were to make a doll in memory of some one in our life that has made a difference. I thought about it for some time and the person I came up with was my good friend Debby.
She has been my friend scents I was 12 years old. We have been thought a lot over the years.
She has had breast cancer about 20 years ago and beat it by pure will . Now she has lymphoma and has to take a 7 to 8 hour Chemo. treatment every Monday and is still at her job full time.
I know it's got to be very hard for her the stand and do peoples hair all day when she is felling bad.
Her favorite color is yellow so I made them yellow for her and the yellow shining beads are her good and positive thoughts and her Strong will to over come any thing she has all ways been a get things done kind of person and a do it person. She lets nothing get in her way.
I wish I could by 1/2 as brave and Strong as she is.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sewing Day with Jennie

Jennie and I got together and made bags today. Me one and Jennie three. I just wasn't moving to fast today! Jennie made one for both of the girls and one for her self. They are reversible and called Schlep Bags. I don't know witch side I like best? I tend to the bottom one it's brighter.
I went to her house and forgot the pattern and we had to do it from memory. Well to tell you my memory it's the best or I would have not forgot the pattern in the first place!
I think between the 2 of us we did pretty good remembering it and how it went together.
The best part was we had BLT's for lunch.