Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Valance up and Birthday mug rug

 I got my valance up. I have had this for some time. It is made from what was left of a king size Aunt Gracie quilt I was working on when we had the house fire. I had embroidered all around the border with flowers ,butterfly's and vines. They were 6 " blocks I had exchanged with Quilters from all over.
It was on the bottom of a large stack of quilts to be finished . What was left of it was the middle of the folded quilt so I washed the remains and cut it into blocks. Not caring if I got a part or just bits of them. Then when we were done with the house I had 2 windows in my sewing room so I made it all into valances for the windows. Now they are hanging over my vertical blinds I got for $5.00 still in the box at a yard sale. It's so nice to be able to open and close them. It gives me so much more light in this old building. Spike love them . He can sit on the back of the sofa and look out to see mail St. There is lots of traffic and things going by.
 It's Birthday time. DD Jennie and I are making table runners. These are the left overs. It will be a mug rug or candle mat? I found this cup. I thought looked good with it so this one is a mug rug. Or it could be 1 big Birthday candle if you had a jar candle to sit on it.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sewing machine pad

Here is my sewing machine pad. It will cut down on noise and vibrations. Also pockets for things I need close.
 I had a yard of this fabric. Now I have very little left. Maybe some coasters of my end table. Or a candle mat?? this was a simple thing to make. Quilting the fabric and binding took the longest. I just love all the bright colors in this fabric.
I have a place for my quilting gloves (I got them in the gardening department for $3.00)
seam ripper, and scissors. And what ever I want at hand.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Jeans, thread catcher and binding

 As I was walking in Wally World The other day they had a sale rack of things for $5.00 . Now I would not ware them as jeans but it's hot out side and I will ware them as crop pants. I cut them off today and now I have new crop pants for the Summer. 4 for $20.00 . Not a bad.
 Then I finished my thread catcher. I had it all quilted so I put it together . I looked at a few other tutorials and winged it. I used ceramic coasters I got after Christmas for something to keep it on the table. I used 2 so they would be heavy to keep it from falling of the table. I also used a old tape measure my Son-in law put in the trash. I retrieved it and it worked but I would use strapping tape that comes on boxes when shipped. It works better and holds a round shape better.
 DD Jennie had a baby quilt that she put together. She used strips of stuff that will fray when its washed to look like chenille. I put the binding on and now off to Jennie's house to go in the washer to do it's magic.
You know Spike has to get in on everything!!!.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A place for everything??

 I have had this lamp for ever. The base was gold metal and the rest wood . The metal finish was coming off and it was kind of beat up. So out I went and with a can of spray paint it looks like a new lamp. Not bad for less than 10 min. of work.
My recliner you see here was a $5.00 find at the thrift store near here. There was a spot on it about 5 in. around . With a little shout and 5 min. of scrubbing  it was a good looking chair.
 I have  2 remotes, phone and my kindle reader and kindle fire. They were always falling of the table or down in the chair. Or just in a heap on the table.  I got going and made a caddy to hold them all. The kindles are in the bottom 2 . I left a opening for my glasses. That's all I did today a lazy Sunday. I even got a little nap in this afternoon.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Table runner and Babys everwhere.

 Good day!! We made table runners in our quilt group in June.  Jennie cut it out , I put it together , then Jennie enveloped it and pin basted it. So after I put a binding on a quilt this morning I got going and quilted it. One more thing done. It will make a nice gift or go to the hand made shop in another town. I think DD Jennie did it  and left it unfinished in my sewing room so I would finish it??? Great plan if it works!!
WE had a very cold Spring and while I was sitting under a nice warm quilt I got busy one weekend and did the baby hats. We seem to have a lot of baby's  coming around here. Friends and family are growing in numbers.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bindings never ending.

My DD Jennie has made it a goal to keep me binding things. More of her hot pads. I do these at night with my feet up and a good move on Netflixs. It's to hot for much  right now. She also came with 2 quilts to bind so I have work to do.
I have plans to make me a chair caddy for all my remotes. Also a sewing machine pad with pockets to hold scissors and things after the 2 bindings.
I am sure Jennie will come up with more hot pads. We are planning to us them at the Fall craft show and Christmas gifts.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2 aprons finished on Monday.

 Jennie wanted more aprons so on Monday I got busy and did them. Now I don't have to look at the shirts on the ironing board any more.