Monday, July 22, 2013

Jeans, thread catcher and binding

 As I was walking in Wally World The other day they had a sale rack of things for $5.00 . Now I would not ware them as jeans but it's hot out side and I will ware them as crop pants. I cut them off today and now I have new crop pants for the Summer. 4 for $20.00 . Not a bad.
 Then I finished my thread catcher. I had it all quilted so I put it together . I looked at a few other tutorials and winged it. I used ceramic coasters I got after Christmas for something to keep it on the table. I used 2 so they would be heavy to keep it from falling of the table. I also used a old tape measure my Son-in law put in the trash. I retrieved it and it worked but I would use strapping tape that comes on boxes when shipped. It works better and holds a round shape better.
 DD Jennie had a baby quilt that she put together. She used strips of stuff that will fray when its washed to look like chenille. I put the binding on and now off to Jennie's house to go in the washer to do it's magic.
You know Spike has to get in on everything!!!.

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