Monday, August 24, 2015

One Hour Basket.

 My One Hour Basket. It took 3 hours+ . I stipples it inside and out with a layer of quilt batting on each side.
Yes it only took less than a hour to put together but it was over 2 hours of quilting before I put it together.
If you used fusible fleece like they used in the pattern and not quilted it it's a fun fast project.
I love my basket it's sturdy and will not cave in on the sides.
I can see some of these as gift baskets in the future .
I love the weather this time of year not hot not cold just right! Humidity is lower. The kids are back to school and things quiet down. Keep quilting! Flicsha

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Quick Quilt Saturday Bages this week.

 This week it was bags with a zipper. This is the pattern they gave us. !0" x 15" rectangle of fabric.
They used home dec. fabric but I didn't have any. so I quilted my fabric and that way the bag is lined.
This was a very fast project. It took about a hour for both bags . From start to finish.
 I took these at night so the color of the fabrics are off a little. I don't know if I like the zipper in the middle of the bag but I can all ways cg
change that in the next one.

Keep doing! Flicsha

Friday, August 21, 2015

Putting around.

 The last 2 days I have been just putting around Thursday I made whimsical pin cushions . They are to look like a spool of thread. Just a little wonky but fun.
Today I made Hot and Cold rice bags 6 in all. I put flannel covers on them so you can wash them when needed. I have some and use them all the time. Behind my neck , knee or back or for that matter where ever it hurts. I keep them in the freezer. You can micro wave them for a few seconds if you need heat. 
Warm today but I didn't turn on the air conditioner. Keep cool and sew! Flicsha

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My crazy quilt book caddy.

 We all did crazy quilt blocks in our Orchard Quilt group.  this on is the front of my book caddy it was the sample for the meeting. It's all done on my sewing machine. I also did another block at the meeting so I put them together and made my self a book tote with them. Maybe I can keep this one it is personalized with my initial . I keep making them and giving them away.
 Above is the back. blow the inside . I used scraps for the inside.
It was fun playing with the stitches on my machine that I never use.
It's so nice and cool here today. A nice break from the hot weather.
Keep making and sewing! Flicsha

Saturday, August 15, 2015


 In our Orchard quilt group here. we did crazy quilting this last week. Top is my sample I did on the sewing machine.
Below is the one I did in group . I need to do my machine stitching and embroidery on it.
We are to make it into something. Well I don't know what I am going to make? I will just need to think on it for a while.
A very hot day today . I had to give up on sewing. My machine started to make a noise. I think it's just to hot for it .I don't have air conditioning on that side of the building . I hope it's OK? I will have to see in the morning when it's cooler if it still makes the noise then it's time to go to the shop.
Keep cool and have a good Sunday!

Foot pedal pads

 My Quick quilt Saturday Groups project this week is a foot pedal pad for your sewing machine. I made one like the group posted this last week and gave it to DD Jennie for her surger pedal.  Then DD Jennie's M-in-L Wanda a fellow quilter gave me 3 place mats she had never used made out of the gripper stuff . So the rounded one's are my version of the pedal pad . You have to use bias for the binding on the rounded ones.

Keep thinking and making! Flicsha

Friday, August 14, 2015

Pen Pal and Dear Sister Sue's Birthday gift .

 I got this package today from my Pen Pal Dianna. I love the scissors fabric and the Alaskan batiks she sent me.
Of cores I can all way use new zippers! Thanks Dianna for 1 more great package.  
 It's my DS Sue's Birthday this month. I made her a pie/casserole caddy  , a counter top hot pad and a smaller pink one just for fun. Happy Birthday DSS!! I love you.
 This is my next package to Dianna my PP. We had to make some thing for our pen pal this month so I made a table topper, and a pinnie for her. I found the green glass desert dishes at the thrift store. You know me I love a good bargain.
I made her and I a pin cushion with them . You know there has to be fabric so I tucked in a green Fat Q. for her in her favorite color. I found a pinkie box with dogs on it and thought she might like it for her scissors and sewing thing, 
Boy is hot out ready for just a little bit cooler weather. I am not in a hurry for winter but the 90 + is to hot for me!
Keep sewing and hope you are all in a cool place!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Winning table runner.

We had a table runner contest in my online quilt group called Swap and Quilt.
We had to use the pattern and not make any changes in it. We could use fabrics of our choice.
My choice was batiks.
.I love them.
I got 1st place. It is huge . Now to figure out what to do with it?
Keep quilting! Flicsha

Saturday, August 8, 2015

This ,That. & Another!

 This last week was busy. I did binding on 2 very large quilts. I also finished a black and yellow Star Wars quilt top in the Walk About pattern. This one my DGD Kristin made for a friend. DD Jennie and Kristin tied it as the quilt machine didn't like going throw The fabrics. Then I got to bind it.
 Kristin and Jennie. It was so nice to have Kristin home for a while. She is on her way back to Yakima
 ,Washington. For another school year. This will be her #2 year teaching there.
 I did a couple of book covers for gifts this last week. A journal and a address book. 
 Kristin brought Jennie and I fabric from Washington. It's by a designer there. Now to come up with something to make that will show off the wonderful designs in the fabric.
 Book marks I made yesterday.
Linda a friend of mine gave me scraps of her hand dyed fabrics . So I played with them . Love her HD' fabrics. They are so nice. Love the colors.
She also brought me veggies , corn a tomato, and green beans that are on the stove now. Yum!
I just love fresh from the garden veggies. 
The corn and tomato gone!
Thanks Linda!
 I made 3 Birthday cards . 2 are gone and one for a spare. They were all made with the same fabric but all a little different.
At the price $$ of cards now days I choose to make most of mine. Who ever gets it can use it for a mug rug later.
Today I have been catching up on things but I took 10 min. to make a quick dish pinnie.  I love the green glass and the fabric. I gave it some stippling to give it some interest. I have one more of the green glass dishes so there is one more in the works later.
Stay cool and keep sewing and creating!  Flicsha

Monday, August 3, 2015

DD Jennie's Hearts

 Here are 4 of my DD Jennie's hearts she made for  I Found A Quilted Heart.
She did them this afternoon while sewing with me.

I Found A Quilted Heart!

 DD Jennie found a sight called I Found A Quilted Heart.  It is a concept of placing quilted hearts in public places to be found by random strangers.
So for my play time Sunday project I made 16 hearts for some strip pieced scraps from one of Jennie's projects.
I sewed them all together until I had a rectangle. Quilted it and cut hearts out of it. I used left over fluffy quilt batting form quilt trimmings.
Now is the fun part of putting them out in the world for people to find and keep.
It will be interesting to see if they get reported as found.
I am keeping one of them. So it's 15 to go out to be found.
For now Keep having fun with your sewing!  Flicsha

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pen pall and Secret Sister & pillow cases.

Top is the package I received from my SS.
 Next is the package I sent to my SS in Australia . It's her Birthday month. There is a sewing machine pad/pocket, a pop up thread catcher , 3 fat Q's, a tap measure and nail file that match. Some 5" sq's and a hand made quilted Birthday card.

I made My DS Kelsey a  I made myself  a pillow case. I love the print fabric. It will go on my feather pillow.
 pillow case for his Birthday and added a pillow in it. Along with his favorite chocolate and caramel cake . He is one happy boy! (41years old)