Saturday, August 8, 2015

This ,That. & Another!

 This last week was busy. I did binding on 2 very large quilts. I also finished a black and yellow Star Wars quilt top in the Walk About pattern. This one my DGD Kristin made for a friend. DD Jennie and Kristin tied it as the quilt machine didn't like going throw The fabrics. Then I got to bind it.
 Kristin and Jennie. It was so nice to have Kristin home for a while. She is on her way back to Yakima
 ,Washington. For another school year. This will be her #2 year teaching there.
 I did a couple of book covers for gifts this last week. A journal and a address book. 
 Kristin brought Jennie and I fabric from Washington. It's by a designer there. Now to come up with something to make that will show off the wonderful designs in the fabric.
 Book marks I made yesterday.
Linda a friend of mine gave me scraps of her hand dyed fabrics . So I played with them . Love her HD' fabrics. They are so nice. Love the colors.
She also brought me veggies , corn a tomato, and green beans that are on the stove now. Yum!
I just love fresh from the garden veggies. 
The corn and tomato gone!
Thanks Linda!
 I made 3 Birthday cards . 2 are gone and one for a spare. They were all made with the same fabric but all a little different.
At the price $$ of cards now days I choose to make most of mine. Who ever gets it can use it for a mug rug later.
Today I have been catching up on things but I took 10 min. to make a quick dish pinnie.  I love the green glass and the fabric. I gave it some stippling to give it some interest. I have one more of the green glass dishes so there is one more in the works later.
Stay cool and keep sewing and creating!  Flicsha

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QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I knew the hand-dye scraps would have a good home with you. You always make cute things out of the littlest pieces! Glad you enjoyed the veggies.