Friday, August 14, 2015

Pen Pal and Dear Sister Sue's Birthday gift .

 I got this package today from my Pen Pal Dianna. I love the scissors fabric and the Alaskan batiks she sent me.
Of cores I can all way use new zippers! Thanks Dianna for 1 more great package.  
 It's my DS Sue's Birthday this month. I made her a pie/casserole caddy  , a counter top hot pad and a smaller pink one just for fun. Happy Birthday DSS!! I love you.
 This is my next package to Dianna my PP. We had to make some thing for our pen pal this month so I made a table topper, and a pinnie for her. I found the green glass desert dishes at the thrift store. You know me I love a good bargain.
I made her and I a pin cushion with them . You know there has to be fabric so I tucked in a green Fat Q. for her in her favorite color. I found a pinkie box with dogs on it and thought she might like it for her scissors and sewing thing, 
Boy is hot out ready for just a little bit cooler weather. I am not in a hurry for winter but the 90 + is to hot for me!
Keep sewing and hope you are all in a cool place!!

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