Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pin Cushions

I made pin cushions today . They will be for my quilt group at one of the meetings. I had left overs and scraps left from the table runners I did for DD Jennie a week or so ago.
The batik one is my first one and I will keep it.
It's a nice way to spend part of a cold winter day. Making something for someone.
It's after midnight so It's time for bed. Good night and stay warm and safe! Flicsha

Monday, February 24, 2014

Luck of the Irish

This is the block for my quilt group. We all made this block at the meeting last time. They will all bring their finished project back at our next meeting. It can be anything just use it! Few rules and lots of fun seeing what we all come up with.
This was My Sunday project.
Keep sewing and quilting. Flicsha

Out with the old and in with the new.

 I finally got the new door put in on Sat. My DS Kelsey came home for the weekend and put it in. With the help of my DGD Brad. The poor old door was falling apart .

 Only on thing the lumber yard here closes at 12:00 noon here and we could not finish the trim.  Kelsey may be coming back in 2 weeks so with luck he will Finish it then. I hope the get all the trim painted on the front of the building this Summer. I would like to paint the green some other color or shade of green.
We got snow today . Was to be just .03 in. but so far it's about 4 in. Hurry up Spring!!
Say warm. Flicsha

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It was a mystery?

 I ordered 5 Keepsake Quilting  Mystery Medley's . They have 6 fat 1/4's for $7.99 each. With shipping and cost, they came to about $1.50 each.
I really love 3 out 5.
 2 of them were Hoffman's.  Metallic prints . Love glitz and sparkle.
The vote is not in on the top one yet?  Land and sea prints  aren't my thing but most of them will work with other things I have.
 I really like the bottom one with the greens. grays, and black.
 When are Orchard Quilt group had our meeting last time I gave them all embroidered hearts on red felt for Valentines Day . You can see it on the center of the tin. I told them to go home and make it into something anything just use it.
This is my valentine. I had a tin from Christmas and used it. The red print was the only thing I had big enough to cover the top.( I have used up most all my Valentine prints) The fabric was from a medley I got about 4 years ago from K.S.Q.  I love a good Mystery.
 I will use it to keep special little things in.
I haven't been buying much fabric .
I am trying to use what I have and scraps from my DD Jennie's projects, So when I got the bag in the mail it was like Christmas to me.
Keep making and creating. Flicsha

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shamrock block

I finished my shamrock block I made for a sample at my quilt group. I had a fat 1/4 of the light print so I did a sq. in a sq.
I still have to put the other scrappy shamrock together. Maybe tomorrow.
I am going to use this on the coffee table.
Right now it's full of quilt magazines. I have a green candle that will look good on it.
Another nice day about +55. If only it would say that way!
Keep sewing and quilting. Flicsha

Monday, February 17, 2014

Another sample.

This is another 21" sq. wall hanging/ table topper. DD Jennie put it together the other day. I quilted it and put the binding on today. It got up to a sunny +55 today. What a nice change from all the cold temps.
I am looking forward to Spring. Stay happy and quilting! Flicsha

Sunday, February 16, 2014

My weekend.

 I have been working on things this weekend. The top photo is a table mat/ wall hanging is about 19" sq. Jennie put it together and I did the binding.
 The green coaster is only about 5" sq. not much of a job. But I wanted to try one. I don't crochet much any more because of my arthritis. I may have to make some for myself. I do like it.
This is the main thing I worked on Sat. and Sunday. It's done. It goes with the other Thimbleberries runner. It is a 2 runner pattern.
I have other things in the works so back to the sewing machine.
Keep sewing  Flicsha

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quilt meeting .

We all made shamrock blocks at the meeting this month.  It was a 12 " block. It will be interesting to see what everyone dose with it.
From right to left is Linda's mat/ center piece, My wall hanging, DD Jennie's wall hanging. I think we think a lot a like?

We meet at the Public Library meeting room. It's closed on Wednesday so we have it to are selves.  You will see everything is mixed up in the order of the photos. I tried to load the shamrock 3 times and it would disappear every time I would try to move it. so I am going to leave it the way it is this time. 

The bag was made by Janie.

Luann was the hostess this month . She made the best raspberry desert.  

This is Luann's X's and O's or hugs and kisses quilt.
It was a good time with good friends. Until next month.
It's +45 today it's a tropical heat wave!! Keep quilting. Flicsha

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sample for shop.

 Hi all,
This is what I have been working on . DD Jennie brought me a pattern and fabric to make a sample for the quilt shop. Well for 2 one is done. I did it yesterday. The other pattern is pieced. They are both in a pattern from Thimbleberries by Lynette Jensen called Basket Block Runners. 

To tell you the truth I am not a great fan of Thimbleberries. But I think this pattern would be so nice in Spring -Easter colors and a flat flower on it. Oh and no buttons.

I plan to get the other one done by the weekend.
When making samples it's all about the fabrics and patterns at the shop. Not what I like.
It's a good thing I love my DD Jennie because I don't do things unless I like the fabrics and pattern as a rule.

The runner turned out very nice. They do a good job at Thimbleberries with their patterns.

We are having our monthly Orchard Quilt meeting today so I have to pack up 1/2 the house to go.
We are having a heat wave it's +22 and only 10:30 AM.
It's so nice in here. My feet aren't freezing this morning.
Stay happy and quilt something! Flicsha

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Sunday and Monday.

My valentine's .
 I made some  Mug Rugs for valentine's Day gifts. I don't spend a lot of $$ on cards.( It's cheaper than a card) I use that $$ on postage to send friends and family a Valentine they will keep. I made 12 in all but some went out in the mail yesterday. They cost very little as I used scraps for other projects. Even the binding comes from left overs. I keep my scrap binding in a big  zipper plastic blanket bag. When I need small amounts of binding it's where I go before making new.
I had to make pink one for my D Sister Sue.

I worked on embroidering  my DS Kelsey's name on his work shirts . He only had 8 of them. Then I put names and dates on 2 baby quilts for His girlfriend Jamie. They are at that age, all the friends and family are having babies.

Then I got to sewing on the mug rugs. I finished them all yesterday.  My Dear friend Janie came and needed help with a small wall hanging. She worked on it and got it put together while I worked on things.
Best of all we had BLT's for lunch.
We are trying to think Summer and warm weather!
Stay warm and Make something! Flicsha

Friday, February 7, 2014


Finish it up Friday
I finished my Skinny Pinny trade.
I hope she likes it?
In it is the Skinny, a mug rug/candle mat, small Fairy scissors, emery strawberry, Scissor keeper, Micro wave hot pad and pattern/kit.

It will go in the mail Monday.

This is how the scissor keeper works. The scissors are mine. They are great for take a long and packing to take with you . Your scissors aren't pocking things or you!
Still cold and not much hope for at least a week. It was -5 last night or early this morning. (1:30 AM) before I went to bed. The high today is about +18. A regular heat wave!
Stayy warm and stay in side and sew! Flicsha

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Strawberry's. Yesterdays work.

I have seen a lot of emery strawberry's being made on blogs so I thought I would try them . 14 of them now made.
I used a 6" circle cut it in 1/2 =2 strawberry's
sew up the side seam, gather it around the top and fill. I used 2 layers of fabric  wonder under together. Took pinking shears and free hand cut the top leaves . Put a thread in the top . then a little glue between the berry and the leaves.
It took me the longest to fill them all!  
I think they will be a great June gift. If you don't want to put pins in them you can use them to hold down paper or maybe a pattern.
Now it is good night! Sleep warm and safe. Flicsha

A while back.

 About a week or so ago I made the scissor keepers I just didn't get then posted.
 I had some strips put together for a winter scarf I made DD Jennie last year . She wanted a valentine scarf so I made one out of my scraps. I had just enough left to make these.
I think they will be nice for when you take your scissors with you . They will not poke or cut things when packed in a bag or basket.
It's time for bed so stay warm and happy! Flicsha

Made Skinny Pinny's

I am in a Skinny pincushion trade on Flickr. We all make one and trade with someone else. I got??????? Across the pond. So I thought I should  get going on her skinny . Then I got on a roll and made one for everyone in my quilt group here in Orchard. They will be for a later gift at one of out meetings in the future.
Now to decide on the one for my trade partner ? I hope to get it in the mail to her on Monday.
Baby it's cold out side!!! I am looking forward to Spring. Warmer weather would be so nice.
Keep sewing and quilting. Flicsha

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Simple but sweet!

DD Jennie needed a fast and easy Pattern for ST. Pat's day for the Quilt shop she works at part time. This is what she came up with. It's quilted with shamrock's in green and then stippled in white and cross hatched on the sq.'s. I put the binding on. I think it's great for a fast project for the holiday.
DD Jennie has made it into kits for the shop so it's even faster for the quilters to get it done. It was on my kitchen table for a few days . I miss it!! I think I need one? You all know it's in my colors! GREEN
Jennie typed up a pattern and I took a photo of it . When I started to print the patterns the yellow cartridge is not working very well. They are kind of blueish-green when they printed out.  Not good for ST. Pat's Day.
I hate to toss the new yellow ink but I may have to?
We have a snow day it's been coming down in big flakes this morning. It's covered every thing and  not much going on in town. It's not a nice day out side my window. I live on Main St. on highway 20. I have not got a front yard but a side walk. I may have to shovel that if the snow stops?
I hope you all stay warm and safe and have a good day ! Keep sewing . Flicsha 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Friday

 I am getting ready for our quilt meeting Feb. 12. I think we are all good quilters but we need to get motivated some times. I ask them to make something anything with the block. It makes us think and stretch a little. It doesn't need to be a big project so it will not take a lot of time. There are 8 of us. I am in the middle of making kits for the blocks. I plan to use a scrappy mix of greens for the block kits.
I am starting to box up things for the meeting. I hate to rush around at the last min.
I have a surprise for everyone that finishes the last month block into something.
We had a little snow this morning. Most of it is gone all ready.
Still cold so stay warm and keep sewing. Flicsha