Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Simple but sweet!

DD Jennie needed a fast and easy Pattern for ST. Pat's day for the Quilt shop she works at part time. This is what she came up with. It's quilted with shamrock's in green and then stippled in white and cross hatched on the sq.'s. I put the binding on. I think it's great for a fast project for the holiday.
DD Jennie has made it into kits for the shop so it's even faster for the quilters to get it done. It was on my kitchen table for a few days . I miss it!! I think I need one? You all know it's in my colors! GREEN
Jennie typed up a pattern and I took a photo of it . When I started to print the patterns the yellow cartridge is not working very well. They are kind of blueish-green when they printed out.  Not good for ST. Pat's Day.
I hate to toss the new yellow ink but I may have to?
We have a snow day it's been coming down in big flakes this morning. It's covered every thing and  not much going on in town. It's not a nice day out side my window. I live on Main St. on highway 20. I have not got a front yard but a side walk. I may have to shovel that if the snow stops?
I hope you all stay warm and safe and have a good day ! Keep sewing . Flicsha 

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