Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Sunday and Monday.

My valentine's .
 I made some  Mug Rugs for valentine's Day gifts. I don't spend a lot of $$ on cards.( It's cheaper than a card) I use that $$ on postage to send friends and family a Valentine they will keep. I made 12 in all but some went out in the mail yesterday. They cost very little as I used scraps for other projects. Even the binding comes from left overs. I keep my scrap binding in a big  zipper plastic blanket bag. When I need small amounts of binding it's where I go before making new.
I had to make pink one for my D Sister Sue.

I worked on embroidering  my DS Kelsey's name on his work shirts . He only had 8 of them. Then I put names and dates on 2 baby quilts for His girlfriend Jamie. They are at that age, all the friends and family are having babies.

Then I got to sewing on the mug rugs. I finished them all yesterday.  My Dear friend Janie came and needed help with a small wall hanging. She worked on it and got it put together while I worked on things.
Best of all we had BLT's for lunch.
We are trying to think Summer and warm weather!
Stay warm and Make something! Flicsha


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I saw Janie's Suburban in front of your place when I went to get lunch yesterday. Figured you were doing something fun. The BLTs sound good too.

Flicsha said...

You bring the bacon and I have everything else! I am all out of bacon right now.