Thursday, February 6, 2014

Strawberry's. Yesterdays work.

I have seen a lot of emery strawberry's being made on blogs so I thought I would try them . 14 of them now made.
I used a 6" circle cut it in 1/2 =2 strawberry's
sew up the side seam, gather it around the top and fill. I used 2 layers of fabric  wonder under together. Took pinking shears and free hand cut the top leaves . Put a thread in the top . then a little glue between the berry and the leaves.
It took me the longest to fill them all!  
I think they will be a great June gift. If you don't want to put pins in them you can use them to hold down paper or maybe a pattern.
Now it is good night! Sleep warm and safe. Flicsha

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Amy DeCesare said...

Sew sweet - for Valentine's Day, too.