Friday, January 31, 2014

Skinny Pincushion Swap

I joined a Skinny pincushion trade on Flickr. I am putting it here for them to see my test PC. I am not having very good luck posting on Flickr? I am not the best on the blog so I guess it's me?
I liked the idea of a skinny PC to fit in front of my sewing machine to catch my pins as I sew. I am waiting for the info on my trade partner so I can custom make it for her.
Keep making things and stay warm everyone.  Flicsha

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day with my DD Jennie.

 Jennie came and rousted me out of my sleep this morning. I thought I would sleep in.
She came to sew but first we went to the thrift store about 10 miles from here. I find the best things. Today it was  5 heavy clear glass corn holders. Now if I only had some fresh corn on the cob! A apple green flower pot, a small oriental oval dish, a book for Jennie and a Scottie dog cookie cutter for her to make dog biscuits. A small crystal heart dish, Fenton milk glass bird with small purple violets on it. 
Oh I  all most forgot and small glass pie plate. All for $5.37 .
It was a very good day at the Thrift Store.
Then it was back home to work on things. We had lunch  then got back to work. We worked on the lamb parts and then I button hole or blanket stitch  around them on the machine while she worked on a quilt top and got the rows done. Now I will sew the rows together tomorrow. This quilt is a quilt from a calendar I got with a different quilt each month. Jennie cut 3 of them out. This is #2 so far.
It's all ways a good day when Jennie comes to sew with me!!
Jennie still has the embroidery to do on the lamb and quilt it then it will come back to me to bind. IT will be a sample for some kits at the quilt shop.
It's not as cold today. Keep making and sewing. Flicsha

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


 DD Jennie brought this table runner to me a few days ago. She wanted me to finish it for her so I did  simple quilting and the binding. It is large 56"x20".
Happy to have it do for the quilt shop. as a display for the fabric line. 
Now to find something else to do.
It's very cold so stay warm and keep sewing. Flicsha

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Samples done.

 The samples for the quilt shop are done the 3 small bags and in the fabric. I had some left so I made a matching  large bag to go with it. We live on the edge of ranch country and a lot of people  like western things here. The top photo is more the color of the fabrics. I think it will make a nice display with the pattern and fabrics in the line.
Stay safe and warm. Most of all keep creating.  Flicsha

Friday, January 24, 2014

Orchard Quilters Heart Quilt is done.

 The quilt is all done and delivered today. Thanks to Linda's fast quilting. I got it bound last night and finished it this morning. Luanne took it to Anita.  I hope we don't have to do another one for a very long time.
 DD Jennie gave me this pattern and fabric to make a sample display . One down and Three to go. The bag is 7 1/2" x 3 1/2" . that's the large one.  
For now it's back to work on very little bags.
Keep sewing and quilting. Flicsha

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Last of the fans! Use it up and finish it.

 This fan is the last of the fans DD Jennie gave me.  It was one that was not the same size and it just didn't go with the rest.
It looked pretty good with the fabric from one of my quilts from a few weeks ago.
Sooo  I made a bag. I can use it as a gift for a birthday or Christmas. That's what I do with all the small things I make . Stack them up for when I need a gift.
It's really cold here so please keep warm and safe. Most of all keep creating and sewing. Flicsha

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Heart wall hanging.

In quilt club here in town we did the string heart and I told them all to make something out of it. I added borders  and used the left over sting in the corners. I cut them in half again. We all have to bring them back at out next month meeting. I hope to see them finished into something. I will have a surprise for the one that do.
This is what I did on my quiet Sunday.
I also made the back for the heart quilt. So now off to Linda so she can quilt it.
Keep sewing and quilting. Flicsha

Spike and my New cuddle quilt

DD Jennie came in with 2 new baby quilts. Well one really because Spike and I calmed the other one for use.
It lime green my favorite color and it has dogs on it. I curial up under it and Spike is on top on my lap. We love it.
Jennie put batting in it and backed it with fleece. It's so nice and warm. It's always cold in this old building.
Keep warm and sew a lot. Flicsha

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Heart for a quilt friend. Our Hearts Go Out To You

 Our Orchard quilt group makes a quilt with hearts for any of our members that has a bad thing happen in their life. One of our members had a daughter disappear. For over a week and a half she was in turmoil  over her daughter. Happy to say it turned out OK . She was found. The other members and I got together and started a quilt for our very stressed Mom.
 We all made blocks with purples as that's her favorite color. There are only 7 of us so we all made more than one.
My DD Jennie got the flower print and I had the cornerstone fabric from a embroidered quilt I put to gather for my Mom.
Now to decide if I need to add some kind of border or not? It is 57"x74" . That's a nice size to cuddle up in.
I have to think on it for a day. A small white border?  A magenta like the cornerstones?  Or leave it the way it is? Then what fabric for the binding?
Until next time keep quilting. Flicsha

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Quilt meeting and Fans.

 This is the block for this months quilt meeting. I have the sample and the patterns ready. I had my DD Jennie make little kits for the block. I left the border up to each quilter.
Below is my fans in a table runner. I only have one more fan to finish. Then it's on to something else.
I love Jan. It's a month off getting things finished or some times just ready to quilt.
Keep quilting and sewing. Flicsha

Monday, January 13, 2014

Over the weekend . This and that.

 Here are the last 3 fan blocks. I am working on them now. 2 below will be a table runner. I am not sure what to do with the peachy pink one yet?

 I worked on valentines On my embroidery machine . I like this design so I loaded it in the machine. Well it took 43 min. to do . I got 8 done by 9:00 PM last night. I put them back to work on later.
 I did the Journal below for My DS Kelsey's Step Daughter Dariann. I think she will be 12? She loves purple.
Now to get the address and get it in the mail today.

Keep sewing and making quilts! Flicsha

Friday, January 10, 2014

Finish it Friday

 I got my all most Amish quilt binding put on today. It's all finished it's only over 6-8 years in the making.
It was a Just a Buck Block at the quilt shop. You could by the $1.00 pink and black with the thangles or you could add the blue and black for a little more. It was up to you how and what to finish it with. It's 63"x 83". Nice to cuddle up in on a cold night.
You can see Spike had to get in the photo. He is a ham.
It's so nice to have it done. Now it's on to the next project!!
Stay warm and have a good weekend and most of all keep quilting.  Flicsha & Spike

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Binding day.

 This is a controlled scrap quilt. All the colors go with the brown floral print. DGD Kristin put it together. DD Jennie got it quilted and now it was my turn to bind it.
I have my  All Most Amish quilt to bind next so with luck I will get it done tomorrow.
Still cold . I hope it's better in the morning the weather man said it would?
Stay warm and make something! Flicsha

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Finish it up and use it up.

This is a table runner I made from 2 of the fans DD Jennie gave me. They just didn't go with the others I put in the Yellow Fan Quilt. I used scraps from the last 2 quilts I did and made it today.
I have 2 quilts DD Jennie quilted to bind. One is a quilt my DGD Kristin put together and the other one is one I started some years back. I will save it for Finish it up Friday. It will be a real finish it up.
Still cold but should be better tomorrow.
Keep warm and keep sewing. Flicsha

Monday, January 6, 2014

Yellow fan quilt and bag done.

 I made 2 of this bag over the weekend .  One for myself and one for my DF Debbie in Council Bluffs , Iowa. I also had DD Jennie make her a black sparkly ruffle scarf. It was a Christmas gift but I lost it in the sewing room . Jennie found it for me today so now I can send her the rest of her Christmas gifts.
Happy day DD Jennie came for a sewing day with me this afternoon . I got my yellow fan quilt top done and she did a quilt top. She left with it before I could take a photo of  hers.
Here is my yellow fan quilt. Now to find a back for it and then it's off to Jennie's house to be quilted.
The fans are over 16 years old we figured today before Sara my DGD was born and she is 16.
I have some fans left that for some reason or another wouldn't work in the quilt. I am going to make 2 table toppers out of some then there will be only one left.
It's still very cold out. right now at 7:22 PM it's +4 out. My feet may never get warm!!
Keep sewing and quilting. Flicsha
PS stay warm!

Progress on my fan quilt.

 I got all 20 of my fan blocks appliqued down, 1/4 circles put on , and triangles on the top of the block .

 I think it will be very pleasing when I get it done.
I have to lay it out on my bed to arrange the blocks. I think I am going to put the yellow in the side and bottom setting triangle blocks and the corners.
It's very cold here so I have chicken tortilla soup on the stove. I am trying to keep warm in this old building . The soup will help. If only in my mind!
Keep warm and safe and most of all keep quilting. Flicsha

Friday, January 3, 2014

Cook Children's Pillow cases done. Finish it up Friday

 I got the pillow cases for Cook Children's Hospital done this afternoon. Only about 6 years in the works. I made 10 of them . DD Jennie cut them out for me. They got boxed up and stored when I left for Florida.
I found them while looking for something else. Happy I did . Now I can say I have one more UFO finished.
Now I will start on my fans. I have them placed  on the 12 in Sq's. and ready to sew down. If you look real close you can see them in the upper right hand corner of the top photo.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

More UFO's

 I decided to work on the pillow cases for Cook Children's Hospital in Dallas , TX. they have a web sit to go to for info on this.
I have time between when the machine dose the embroidery so I started to work on some fans DD Jennie traded on the Internet a long time ago. She knows I like fans and Dresden plate blocks and quilts so she gave them to me. I have some white on white so I will use it to place the fans on. After that I am not sure of what I will do with the blocks yet. This one will take a little more time to finish.
But 1st I will do the 9 pillow cases I have to finish. Then I will get to work in earnest on my fan quilt.

 I am putting sweet dreams on the cases as a good wish for all the sick children.
I think it's a good way to start the new year. Giving to someone else.
Keep warm and Keep sewing. Flicsha