Monday, March 24, 2014

New lap top bag.

This was my Monday project. My new lap top bag. I used odds and ends of some of my batiks. Batiks all ways look good together. I used heavy fleece for batting. It will help protect the lap top. There is a zipper on the blue/green near the bottom . I also put six pockets in the inside.
I all ways love green with blues and purples.
Still waiting for warmer weather!
Stay happy and sewing!
Good night all! Flicsha

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thread Catchers/May Baskets

 These are my Sat. project. I saw them on Pinterest . I thought it would be fun to make some.  They would be great little May baskets. As a thread catcher they will fold flat in a take a long sewing kit. They don't take up much room.
It took all evening to sew the buttons on . 3 on each one.
Now what to put in them?
Now on to a new project.
Keep quilting and sewing . Flicsha

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Disappearing 4 patch and round place mat's

 I have been wanting to make round place mats for my dinette table for a while. I also wanted to try the disappearing 4 patch. Then I found the tutorial for round place mat's . I made it larger . 20" x 20" 4 patch in 3 colors.
 (If I did it again I would only use 2 colors.) The tutorial gave me a template for the circle but I used my pizza pan . I also made it about 2 1/2" larger across.
I wanted to use a variegated thread. I thought I had enough but didn't. I had to order more thread so I only got 1 down and 3 to go.
So until my thread comes it's on the next project in the works.
It's all ways nice to have another project in the works! Keep sewing and have a productive day! Flicsha

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Easter baskets and tissue covers.

 I spent my Monday making baskets. The Orchard Quilt group will be make them at our next meeting. I did the yellow and lavender basket as the instructions say. The next I made with fusible fleece and it was a better basket and a lot faster and easier.
Then I made tissue covers for the $ store tissues. 8 for a $1.oo. The tissue covers will be gifts for the quilters some time soon. They look so Springy and cheerful.
I celebrated National quilt day  by binding a large quilt. DD Jennie got it quilted for me. I have posted a photo of it in the passed It's the yellow scrap fan quilt. Then I gave it to Jennie. I think she was surprised.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Scrappy Needle Keepers and sewing tool caddy.

Scrappy needle keepers. I had a Moda 2 1/2 " Sq's of Lario collection .  So I made 4 patches out of them and started to look for fabric scraps to go with them . I use scrap binding to finish them. even the ribbons came from other projects.
They will be nice little gifts for quilters I know.
 At our last Orchard Quilters meeting we made sewing tool caddy's . This is my caddy.
I used what I had on hand. My zipper was not quit the right green but it's OK. I would have liked to use black but I didn't have any on hand. so it got the green print. It's a 25 mile trip one way to a quilt shop or 65 miles to the other one. And the Hobby Lobby or Wall Mart.
I have had the lime and black batik for a very long time so it was time to use it.
It's National Quilt day so do something quilty. I am doing a binding on a quilt this after noon .

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My quilt meeting.Finished and not so finished group projects.

We had our monthly meeting of the Orchard Quilters this afternoon.
These are out last months projects . Most are finished and ready to use or give a way as gifts.
We all made the Shamrock at our last month meeting and had to finish it for this month.
I think they all turned out well.

I gave all the members the red heart sq. for valentine's day. They brought them back made into something.
As you can see it's a variety of things. A travel sewing kit/mug, a repurposed tin form Christmas, a gift bag, ornament for Christmas, a pin cushion, and a valentines decoration.  A nice job by all.
We worked on a travel sewing roll this time. I will have to post it when I get it done.
Stay sewing and quilting. Flicsha

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Origami tissue holder

Origami tissue holder . This is a trial of a holder I saw on pinterest. I think it was in Spanish. My computer translated the text but not the pattern so I just went by the photos and guessed about the size. IT could be a little smaller so I will cut it down a little next time.
Is it Spring yet?  I feel like a bear in oversleep. It's time to wake up! Flicsha

Table runner.

I made the yesterday for a Birthday gift to My DS's  girlfriend'. It will match her kitchen curtains. I hope she likes it?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My handsome Spike!

This is Spike my very handsome best friend and companion. 
Dear Daughter Jennie ask me to make a scarf for my DGD Kristin and her room mates dog Ella.
Here is Spike in his.
Below is Ella's ready to go in the mail. She lives in Seattle. I put scallops on hers to make it girly!
They will get a kick out of it when it come's in the mail.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Saturday , Sunday and Monday

This is what I got done over the weekend! It was a time consuming thing. I made them for quilt friend gifts sometime in the future. All hand work. I didn't have a how to so I just started with a yo yo . I made 2 for every tape measure. Then I put buttons on all of them. I Glued the yo yo's to the tapes they didn't stick so well. So I cut card stock and put fusible fleece on one side and fusible  web on the other side. Then I cut fabric a inch wider and longer. I fused it to the card stock. folded the ends back under and then stitched it by hand around both sides.
The button on the side still works just push on the buttons.
The temp is a little better today so it's not so bad here.
Hurry up Spring!! Stay happy and warm. Flicsha

Monday, March 3, 2014


 I bought Amaryllis after Christmas . They are all ways on sale then. I think it was $2.00 or less. The top photo I took last night and the bottom was this morning. It is a soft shade of coral or kind of orange . It looks darker than it is in the photos.
It's all ways fun to watch them grow.
It about 8:00 in the morning and it's -7 hope it gets better today!
Stay warm and sew! Flicsha

Sunday, March 2, 2014

More St. Pat's

I made mug rugs for ST. Pat's day gifts. I got a yard of fabric and it was the end of the bolt so I got 3" short of another yard. My DD Jennie gave me some scraps of a green so they went into the mug rugs. They tuck in nicely in the envelop to mail.
It's so cold here it was -14 last night. It's hard to keep warm in this old building. I will be so happy for Spring and warmer weather!!!
Make something and stay warm and happy! Flicsha

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Skinny Pinny came in the mail.

Thank you so much Amy from the UK. I just love all the greens! AS I type the Rococo Chocolate bar is disappearing! Not so skinny me!
I have made lots of the thumb pinny's for gifts to my friends and quilters. But I have never received one. It's so nice to get one as a gift. Look at the pretty pins she put in the Skinny Pinny I just love all of it!
I just love a good surprise!!!
It's very cold and snowing and blowing here. So stay warm and safe everyone. Flicsha.