Saturday, June 27, 2009

More of the garden

Don loves his onions. They are starting to fall over the have gotten so big. Our asparagus is now going to seed. We had all we wanted to eat and some for the freezer. It will taste good this winter.
My dill has taken over one side of the house. You can see my sage plant that comes back every year on the left bottom corner of the photo. I also have some chives that come back every year net to the sage but I didn't get it in the photo.

How does my garden grow?

They are looking good. My apple tree. Last year I was eating a apple and some of the seeds were sprouting in it so I put them in a pot thin in the ground when they got bigger. One of them made it. It didn't winter kill but then Don mowed it off when he was cleaning his asparagus this spring. But low and behold it's alive.
This is a salad cabbage I got and didn't know what to do with until I read the little label that came with it. It's very mild and is great in a mixed greens salad.

We are going to start using my head cabbage for slaw on the 4th and the rest will be steamed. It's very low in calories and I love it.

My tomato's are nit doing well. They did look great . Until Don got carried a way with the spry weed killer. I told him not to spray it was to windy but when has he ever listened to me?? He is not on my favorite list. That's why I have a garden is for tomato's and every year he finds a way to do something to them.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We had sun shine!

We have had a lot of cloudy days lately and rain. The rain is great but I need some sun shine once in a while.
I have been having some trouble with my neck and shoulder so I haven't got a lot of sewing done lately. My neck is better but my shoulder is not doing well.
I hate it! Getting old is not a good time. It seems like there is all ways something wrong some where on my body! I really don't mind gray hair, or a not so good shape any more but the hurting in joints and thing is for the birds!! It's just not easy to be a old lady!!!
I hope to get back to my sewing machine soon. Let the sun shine in!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Betty Boop Bag!!

Hi, I got some Betty Boop fabric on sale and used part of it for my Secret Sister gift this month and had some left so I gave it to my DD Jennie and she showed up with this wonderful bag for me. What a deal give her fabric and I get a bag!!!! Jennie even put pockets in it for me.
I was a way working for 4 days so I am a little behind on things. Now to play catch up!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Red ,White,& Blue

I got my RW&B trade in Sew Good Friends pulled together this afternoon. I had a hard time stuffing every thing in. I had to share the Red Hots and put some in a smaller bag to get them in. They are hot!
It's all ways a challenge to see what you can come up with for these little trades.

Now I just have to wait and see who I mail it to!!!