Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thank you !

Thank you to all that post a comm. I do read them just don't know how to answer them.
I have been doing green beans. Some just canned and some dilled. They all love them dilled like pickles. Also did some sweet pickle relish. Jennie gave me a recipe it's pretty good. And of course zucchini bread for the freezes. Which means I haven't got much sewing done lately.
I did get some bindings sewn on a baby quilt and table runner for Jennie. I will do them tomorrow while I take care of Edna . She sleeps a lot. It's a good time to do hand work. It's quiet work. I think I am going to Jennie's Monday for a sewing day with her. It sounds good to me I all ways enjoy it when we can sew together.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A little trade finished.

This is the finished project. I found the keys at a antique shop close to were I work. I started out to make a amulet pouch with a key in side but it changed and mutated along the way to a small wall piece.
This is the back of my escape I used mod podge glue and put strips of tissue paper on it to cover the back. I got the tissue paper from things I have received in the mail. And of coarse a pop top tab from my diet cokes for the hanger. Yes I think you should use what ever you can were you can .

I had a trade of only 3 in it. My self and 2 others. The theme was escape. You could interpret it any way you like but not use commercial fabrics it was to be fiber. I used felt for the main part and put wool roving and Angelina fibers on it and a embroidered figure in the center. Then I went out to Don's wood shop and found wire screen stuff and sniped some from it . Who knows where he got it or what he took it off of!! Added some blue metallic paint to it and some E6000 glue with some salvaged copper beads given to me. Form my cousin Gayla.
Did some zig-zag around the edges . Sounds easy right? Well I want to tell you it took me 5 days to get this done.

I find I don't like waiting on things to dry!! Maybe it would have helped if I knew what I was going to do before I did it. I do enjoy the process of making things as I go. Now to add the keys! to the front. I kind of liked them with out the keys but I got them for this trade so I added them.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Apron

I received this apron from Char in my 1/2 apron swap. She is a excellent seamstress. The colors are brighter than they look in my photo. The ruffle is a small strip. I enjoyed this trade and I will enjoy using this apron .

At Last My Ginko Leaves are Done!

In one of my fiber groups on Yahoo we are doing a Giving Tree Leaf Page Trade. There will be 7 pages including mine. When I get them back I can put yarn through the eyelets to join them all together. Every ones is different it should be fun to see what I get back. I can say id I was to do it over I would not use the bright variegated thread . I used a blue var. and a green var. thread and then the bright one. I liked them better before I added the bright thread.
Each leaf has to have a word on it or more. I used Hope , Dream, Peace,Love, and Believe and other charms. I made 8 so I have one extra. I will use it for something down the road. I all ways need a little gift for something.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kristin's OZ Quilt

This is My DGD Kristin's OZ quilt she made. I just finished the binding for her so She can take it to collage with her on Friday. the W of OZ was one of her favorite movies.
I also got 2 table runners bound for Jennie yesterday. It was a good day as fare as getting thing finished.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Other Apron Trade

This is my full body apron trade. I don't know what colors the person that's getting this one likes but I love green and most people like lavender so that's what I made. This one took 5 yards of fabric and is fully lined. The back shows how the straps cross and it just slips over your head . It has not got ties. Like a pinafore.
I have to make Sara one. She loves aprons. when I was at the quilt shop she came along with Jennie and me. She picked out fabric for hers that are mint green's and lavenders with little bees on it. It will be really cute when it's done. Then I can have her model it for me.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Apron Trade

Hay the weather is going to be nice in the 70's the next week it's a change for the hot days we have had. It's kind of strange for Aug. to be this cool.
I finished one of my apron trades this morning. As you can see it's 1/2 apron and we were to put something in the pocket so I put a red pink and white kitchen towel in. I thought it would go nice with the apron. I still have a full body apron to make so that's my next project. I am sending this one out today. It was fun doing it. I don't do clothing much any more so it was a change for me.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Beans and Corn It's Not a Quilt Block

O.K. no photos today I did green beans and corn all day.
I had a 5 gal. bucket of green beans to snap and pack into jars. I had 14 quart jars filled when I got done.
Then Don got free corn and with Don free is a magic word. So he brought home a pickup truck full of corn home. Jennie, Sara and Brad came to help.
Brad and Sara helped Don husk it all while Jennie and I cut it of the Cobb and bagged it. We started at 2:00 and Jennie had to leave at 3:30 so the kids stayed and helped use finish and the Had supper with use. Then I took Brad home and Sara and I went to my quilt meeting.
Sara came home with me in the lighting storm. It was hitting close . What a light show.
What a day I am whipped!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

September Post Card

Well here I am on a Sat. night making post cards. Am I exciting or what???
I have a one on one PC swap in my Sew Good Fiends Yahoo group. It is a seasonal theme trade. I would have sent one of the last set I made but the rules said it had to have a fabric back. Now I have never made one with a fabric back before so I decided to try something new.
I cut some wonder under and some Risaway water-soluble tear-away backing that is 100% polyester that will dissolve when laundered the same size as a sheet of computer paper and wonder undered them to a piece of tan fabric that had a texture to it and went to my card program and made a post card back and printed it on the fabric. I think it turned out very well. I can see all kinds of uses for this. You could make your own fabric as long as you only wanted a 8"x11" sheet at a time.

I thought I would show more of the museum. The green grid you see is part of the jail cell. This is are widows weeds display. Or mourning cloths. The period for mourning was 5 years.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Little Birds

I finished my little birds for a trade with one of my Yahoo groups. There are 10 of us . We are to Send everyone a 6 1/2" little birdie block . Mine will be flying out in the mail in the morning. This is my favorite color combo. Green and turquoise.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Swap Your Stash- Post Cards

The green beans are on now DD Jennie and Don picked them and I snapped them all. Now Jennie is going to can them. We hope to get enough to make dilled green beans everyone here loves them. Everything will taste so go this winter.

Yes I know I am getting a head of my self. It's not fall yet. This is this month's swap your stash stuff I received from Mary in one of my Yahoo groups.
Think they turned out well. I still have things from her package and maybe later will use the rest in something. I love this swap. It's only once a month and there are 8 of use . We only have Sept. and Oct. left. I will be sending my stuff out the 1st of Oct.
I am going to hate to see this swap end. I have enjoyed getting the packages every month and trying to decide what to make and do with them.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sara's Post Card

Sara came home with me this afternoon. After supper we headed for my sewing room she wanted to make something . We talked about it and decided she would make a post card for her friend that moved away.
She drew the shapes and put them on wounder under and cut them out. Then ironed them on. I stitched around the Dog for her and the she did the background stipple. She did a very good job for her first time stippling. Then we made the back on the computer. She typed her own message.

I told her to sign it and I see she put it on the address side. I guess she hasn't had letter addressing in school yet.

Then I put the edging on to finish it for her.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I got to sew something!!

I finally got time to sew something. It's just a birthday block for a quilt group exchange I am in. But it was nice to sit and sew. This one goes to Judy in Delaware. Here are a few more of the displays at the Museum.

Oh my it's hot here! I don't like it when it's 100!! I hope it doesn't last long.