Monday, August 25, 2008

A little trade finished.

This is the finished project. I found the keys at a antique shop close to were I work. I started out to make a amulet pouch with a key in side but it changed and mutated along the way to a small wall piece.
This is the back of my escape I used mod podge glue and put strips of tissue paper on it to cover the back. I got the tissue paper from things I have received in the mail. And of coarse a pop top tab from my diet cokes for the hanger. Yes I think you should use what ever you can were you can .

I had a trade of only 3 in it. My self and 2 others. The theme was escape. You could interpret it any way you like but not use commercial fabrics it was to be fiber. I used felt for the main part and put wool roving and Angelina fibers on it and a embroidered figure in the center. Then I went out to Don's wood shop and found wire screen stuff and sniped some from it . Who knows where he got it or what he took it off of!! Added some blue metallic paint to it and some E6000 glue with some salvaged copper beads given to me. Form my cousin Gayla.
Did some zig-zag around the edges . Sounds easy right? Well I want to tell you it took me 5 days to get this done.

I find I don't like waiting on things to dry!! Maybe it would have helped if I knew what I was going to do before I did it. I do enjoy the process of making things as I go. Now to add the keys! to the front. I kind of liked them with out the keys but I got them for this trade so I added them.

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Busters Mom said...

Those are great. I love that you used a pop can tab for a hanger. I am going to save some of those. We were looking for hangers not too long ago for my dd's pictures. Those are a great idea.