Monday, August 11, 2008

Beans and Corn It's Not a Quilt Block

O.K. no photos today I did green beans and corn all day.
I had a 5 gal. bucket of green beans to snap and pack into jars. I had 14 quart jars filled when I got done.
Then Don got free corn and with Don free is a magic word. So he brought home a pickup truck full of corn home. Jennie, Sara and Brad came to help.
Brad and Sara helped Don husk it all while Jennie and I cut it of the Cobb and bagged it. We started at 2:00 and Jennie had to leave at 3:30 so the kids stayed and helped use finish and the Had supper with use. Then I took Brad home and Sara and I went to my quilt meeting.
Sara came home with me in the lighting storm. It was hitting close . What a light show.
What a day I am whipped!!

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