Monday, March 31, 2008

Odds and Ends

So far it's been a good day to get little things done. The 2 blocks are for the block lotto in Stash Builders. They will draw the winner tomorrow. I finished the 2 pincushions for a charity auction in Australia. The lady doing it is in one of my quilt groups on yahoo.
So far today 5 blocks and 2 pincushions done not bad . Still have more little things to do. It's a never ending list. (It's my own fault)
It's still snowing off and on!

Birthday Blocks

This is my Sunday night project. I joined a birthday block swap in my Quilted With Love yahoo group. Each person states their color preference and if the have a favorite block. It was short notice with this last months blocks and Aprils as 2 were at the end of March and one was April 3.
Only one person had a favorite block so I use the same block for all 3 to save time and get them in the mail today. The group is just starting so it should be a lot of fun.

When is it Spring? I got up to more snow! It is so pretty but I have had enough of pretty snows for a while. I am ready to think about gardens and Spring things.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I made these things for a potholder swap I am doing with my SEWGOODFRIENDS yahoo group.
I had to make a hot pad and then I got to thinking. (not all ways a good thing) What is Spring?
I made a pair of Princes Diva rubber gloves for Spring cleaning. Hoping it would put a little fun in the job. I found a pair of garden gloves.(No they are not for gardening) I use mine for free motion quilting. They only cost $3.oo at the $General Store. At a quilt shop they are $10.oo or more. Anyway the color was good. I made some coasters for all the ice tea that will be drank while cleaning and quilting. And last a thumb pincushion to put on when quilting. I think it will be a nice surprise for the sewer I am sending it to.
My DS Kelsey and his girlfriend came to dinner today. He was on his way back to Omaha to school. I fixed his favorite Fried chicken mashed potato's and grave and ham and green beans.He went away very full.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Here are 2 more of Jennie's Quilts. The pink string quilt is for Heart Strings . For women with cancer. Jennie had women from all over the country send her the sting blocks and then she puts them together and quilts them . Then she gives them to me to bind.

I love The colors in this quilt . I get to enjoy it the time I bind it as it sits across my lap.

The pansy quilt is more happy blocks. Jennie swapped with the Stash Builders group. I think this one's for Angel a good child hood friend of hers.

When I do bindings It's feet up in the recliner and a good show on TV. And the next thing I know it done.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


The quilts here are 2 I put binding on for Jennie. One is a Happy block Kitty quilt from blocks she swapped in our Stash Builders yahoo group. I think she is keeping this one for her self.
The purple and lavender string quilt is for DGS Josh. Jennie and I swapped the string blocks in Stash Builders for this quilt. I think it turned out very nice. Josh 's favorite color is purple. It will go in his new room they made for him.
I have 2 more quilts to bind for Jennie. More Happy blocks.
We had snow last night and drizzle today. So much for Spring weather! I hope tomorrow is a nicer day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Swap Your Stash challenge. Oh Boy!

I worked on a challenge today. It is called Swap Your Stash. Each month 1 of 8 ladies sends each of use in the group a package of fabric and what ever they feel like sending. The check books were the end result of my using all that was sent. I started out making something different. I just was not working out so I had to salvage my mess I made and so I made the Check book covers. In the package there were buttons laces sheer fabrics you name it it was in there.
We can make what ever we like with all of it.( think goodness)
I added the binding. I ran out of fabrics.I also added the pony tail holders for a closure.
It was very exciting here today we had a field catch fire. Corn stalks. It burned several fields. We had 4 or 5 different fire departments and a lot of others fighting the fire. It started around noon and they got it under control about 3:00 or so. I can't believe how fast it moved. I am glad to say on ones home was hurt.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Froggie Gets Eyes

Here's Froggie! He has been done for all most 2 weeks but he had no eyes. He has been laying around the living room because he couldn't see . I thought he needed blue eyes to match the stitching on his skin. He is good company, he never argues, and he is nice to look at. He is green my favorite color. He is talented. I have trained him to sit.
He loves to lay on his stomach.
And best of all he can be put in the microwave and he makes my shoulder's and back feel better.
I would kiss him but you know ? He could be my Prince Charming and then I would have to cook for him! So no kisses for this frog!

Fractured Heart and My Glue Gun

This is my Challenge for two of my challenge groups on Yahoo. In one the word was fractured and in the other you had to use your glue gun and make embellishment on a quiltlet(I am not sure if that is a word?)
I used a piece of a quilt that was in the house fire. There were just parts of it left. So I cut a zig zag and left the edges raw as that's the way my heart felt after the fire. But good things sprout from bad, so I put seeds coming from the fracture. (I glued them on with my glue gun) I don't think that's what they mean when they said embellishments so I made a zig zag sort of heart, painted it and the black fabric with metallic paint. I like the transparent look it has. Oh and I gave it a little Spackle powder.
I have grown and learned from the experience of the fire. But I don't want to go through another one!
This was a fun little project , it was only a few hours out of my day and I got to play with new things! What more can I ask for?
We had a very calm Easter. With Rodney, Roy, and Evelyn for dinner.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


A close up of my UFO.
I finished a UFO.( a unfinished object) This was a Round Robin from my Norfolk quilt gild about 2 years ago. I quilted it with stipple and a few feathers with a variegated thread. The photo is light. The colors are a lot brighter than it appears. What a gorges day we had today. I love Spring!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Corned Beef and cabbage

Tomorrow is Saint Pat's day so as all ways I had to make corned beef and cabbage. It's a day early but I have a quilt meeting . You all know that a quilt meeting takes precedence over just about every thing. I have been doing odds and ends and typing up a pattern . (no easy task for me) and getting ready for my meeting tomorrow. So we feast on corned beef and cabbage today to keep the tradition alive.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Post Card How To

This is the way I do my post cards. I am sure there are other ways to make them. I do them for all kinds of holidays, thank yous, birthdays you name it. you will have to scroll down to the end of this to start at the beginning. Happy Post Carding!

It's time to finish the edge. You can do this in lots of ways, with yarns. cording,just a zig zag stitch or what ever you can come up with. This is one of my favorite ways with craft cord. I love the sparkle and shine of the metallic cords. When I do this I loosen my pressure on the presser foot on the machine and set it to zig zag and make the stitch a little wider and closer together.

I lay the cord right up next to the card and sew over the edge and the cord.

Now trim off excess edges to the same size as the card back 4"x6".
After spraying the back stick it to the wrong side of the front. Be sure to center it, so it covers the card back.
You will use some way to fix the back to the front. This will make it easier to sew the edges. Some use glue stick, wounder under, and I use a spray adhesive. All it takes is a light spray.
You will need a back on your post card. I make mine with card stock and my Hallmark Card Program. Some people make theirs with fabric on the back. On the back of you card you will have to have the words POST CARD on the top. The rest is up to you. A lot of people do theirs by hand or on the computer. You will trim your back to be 4"x6"
I just stitched on the seams with some of my fancy stitches I have on the machine. This can be a card as it is or you can use it as a background for something . Maybe a shamrock,a frog or a leaf? The design possibility's are endless you can do what ever you like.
You can do what ever you like but for this I am just string piecing it diagonally a crossed the fleece.
You start with a 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" foundation . ( this can be timtex or a like product , cotton batting, or fusible fleece)

Sat. Morning

It's Sat. And while reading other's blogs I can a crossed this little thread catcher basket pattern.
So I had to try it! It is simple. but the 1st one all ways takes longer. (all morning) It's only 3" sq. Now that I know how to put it together it's easy! I am wondering if you made this with larger strips how it would turn out? (not today) I have played enough. Now on to some of the thing I should be doing.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Book Marks and Weather

I made book marks this evening for one of my group swaps I am in . The top photo are some I am going to donate to other things.I love green and blue together. The bottom photo are the ones I am swapping with my group. I ran out of beads with holes large enough to fit the cord. What a beautiful day we had. It's to bad it can't stay that way. I guess you take it when you can.

Something About Pincushions!

I must have a thing for pincushions? I like making them and have them all over the house. And never seem to have all I need. These little bottle cap pincushions I made for a swap in Tiny Traders yahoo group I am in.
I am going to donate the top one to a quilt action that is coming up.
They are made with pop bottle caps so their not very big. A just for fun project.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Good Monday and a Disappearing 9 Patch

I had a very nice Monday. After having the flu it felt so nice to feel good. I went to DD Jennie's and got some things. She got my disappearing 9 patch quilted for me and a row by row done to pass on to me. Then we decided to go to O'Neil to the quilt shop, that always makes me happy! We had some lunch and ice cream. What more can a person ask for. Here is my disappearing 9 patch I came home from my travels and did the binding last night. I will be showing my O,Neil quilt group how to do a table runner with the block next month.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring in the Woods & tHE FLU BUG!

I have been bit by the flu bug so I have not been up to doing much for a few days. I am feeling better but not great. I got board today so I did a challenge in one of my yahoo groups. The word this month is "Spring". When I think of spring I think of roaming the woods a long the river looking for mushrooms. It's the best time to be out . Every thing is starting to grow and come to life. The quiltlet is only 8" by 8" so it didn't take long. (I love wounder under)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Good News and Heart Strings

The quilts are some of the Heart String charity quilts for cancer victims. Jennie finishes and quilts them and I do some of the bindings for her. I fell it's a good thing and as I stitch I think of all the women that have or will have cancer. I hope who ever gets the quilts doses well .
I had good news Friday my cloth paper quilt got excepted by Cloth Paper Scissors to be in the True colors Challenge exhibit for Make it University at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago April 11-13 2008. I was so surprised. Now I have to get it in the mail Monday.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thumbies,Pins, and Frog Skin

Well I was told to make a 18" by 22" pieced and quilted rectangle for a frog door stop. We are going to make them Monday night at the Orchard Quilters Meeting . Luanne is the hostess this month so she thought we should make frogs. I am not sure if it will make a good frog. I like all the greens together. We will have to see how he comes out with his new skin.
I have made about 50 of these, for quilt friends gifts. They were very handy for the Christmas quilt groups party favors. It's a lot of fun to use you 4" scraps of fun fabrics. I find mine very handy when sewing at the sewing machine. I don't miss place it.

All they are is a 4" sq. folded in 1/2 corner to corner and sew around the edge with a 1/4" seam leaving a opening at one corner to turn .Stuff firm and stitch closed Put the 2 points together and stitch. Your Quilt friends will love them.
We have been watching the geese flying and landing across the highway from us. There have been hundreds every day. They spend the night and go in the morning. We saw eagles following them today. They get the stragglers. The Robbins are all back for all most 2 weeks now. We have some that nest in and apple tree in the front yard.
It's nice to think Spring is just about here.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Post Card and Fabric Wrapped Hand Bag.

It just had to snow last night and has been trying to all day. That makes it a good sewing day!
The bag is one DD Jennie made me for Christmas. After I showed her and the rest of the Orchard Quilters how to make them she went to town and made bowls and hand bags for Christmas gifts. I love mine. The best part is she made it for me.

I had a group of 10 in my Material Girls Quilt group in O'Neil last night . That made bowls and hand bags. It was fun showing them how. I think we all had a great time. I did!

This is the last post card I made. The theme was something beginning with O. I went with the color orange.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday and Post Cards Old Stuff

It's Monday another week. The post cards are some of my 1st I made . I have had fun with them. I think I have made about 200 swaps. I think my 1st are some of my best. Joan Mc. on my quilt-with-love group on yahoo ask to see some as she has never seen any. I posted these and so I thought I would share them on my blog .
the post cards got me through a time where I could not do much after a car accident. They are also a great way to try new things and use colors and fabrics together you may never have used.
It's very freeing . Every one has a theme. The cow has a saying on it- Moooove over, the upper left corner is a self portrait, The one with the fan and F on it was made with fabric I won with my name on the salvage in a contest for my favorite flower. I got a 15 yard bolt for the prize. The theme was the 1st letter of your name. I also make post cards for Christmas cards.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

I made this for a swap I am in for Easter. It's just a little quilty thing. It is only 7"s sq. I love my embroidery machine!
The color was all ways my favorite color for Easter eggs (out side of green) when I was a kid and died Easter eggs.

It's snowing out now. Yesterday was all most 60 and now it's snowing and blowing again.
Every day is a surprise living in Nebraska.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another Block of the Month

Here is the second block in the Quilters Candy Shop in O'Neil NE. Thangles block of the month. It is a 16" block so it will make a nice sized quilt when it's done.

As you can see I am spending Saturday getting small things done for last month. Now I get to start all over.

I still have bindings to work on tonight . I got all 4 quilts trimmed and the binding sewn. I still have to press them and sew them to the quilts. Then I can sit down and put my feet up and finish hand sewing them. That's when it's move time.

Orchard Block of the Month

This is the second block for my Orchard quilters group. There are 8 of us that meet on the second Monday of every month. Some of us are these blocks and doing the flower how ever the want to. I am doing mine with free motion on the sewing machine.

It's a gorges day today. It may get up to 60 or so. That makes it 1 more day closer to Spring. I am ready!
I think DGD Sara is coming to spend the night. She is good company. We all ways have fun.
I have been working on bindings for Jennie's charity quilts and one for Kristin, she made a baby quilt for a teacher that had a baby.

How I Made My Tea Wallet

This is how I made my tea wallet

You need 4 rectangles of fabric-41/2" by 71/2"

1 rectangle of thin cotton batting-41/2"by 71/2"

1 thin elastic pony tail holder to match fabric

1 button to match

Take one rec. of fabric and place on batting face up for in side

Take 2 rec. for the pockets and press in
1/2 long ways will be 21/2" by 71/2"

Take one of the folded pieces and lay on top of the in side fabric with the folded edge to the bottom. Stitch a 1/4" seam a crossed the raw edge, flip up to the top and press

Take the 2ed folded rectangle of fabric and line up the bottom raw edges with the bottom of in side

Stitch down the center to make pockets

Pin pony tail band in place with it going to the in side on the edge

Take the last 41/2" by 71/2" rectangle and place it face down on top of the pockets

Sew all a round it leaving a opening to turn it right side out.

Whip stitch it closed and top stitch it all the way a round the out side edge

Sew button to the front.

If you have a ? let me know