Saturday, March 15, 2008

Post Card How To

This is the way I do my post cards. I am sure there are other ways to make them. I do them for all kinds of holidays, thank yous, birthdays you name it. you will have to scroll down to the end of this to start at the beginning. Happy Post Carding!

It's time to finish the edge. You can do this in lots of ways, with yarns. cording,just a zig zag stitch or what ever you can come up with. This is one of my favorite ways with craft cord. I love the sparkle and shine of the metallic cords. When I do this I loosen my pressure on the presser foot on the machine and set it to zig zag and make the stitch a little wider and closer together.

I lay the cord right up next to the card and sew over the edge and the cord.

Now trim off excess edges to the same size as the card back 4"x6".
After spraying the back stick it to the wrong side of the front. Be sure to center it, so it covers the card back.
You will use some way to fix the back to the front. This will make it easier to sew the edges. Some use glue stick, wounder under, and I use a spray adhesive. All it takes is a light spray.
You will need a back on your post card. I make mine with card stock and my Hallmark Card Program. Some people make theirs with fabric on the back. On the back of you card you will have to have the words POST CARD on the top. The rest is up to you. A lot of people do theirs by hand or on the computer. You will trim your back to be 4"x6"
I just stitched on the seams with some of my fancy stitches I have on the machine. This can be a card as it is or you can use it as a background for something . Maybe a shamrock,a frog or a leaf? The design possibility's are endless you can do what ever you like.
You can do what ever you like but for this I am just string piecing it diagonally a crossed the fleece.
You start with a 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" foundation . ( this can be timtex or a like product , cotton batting, or fusible fleece)

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