Monday, March 24, 2008

Fractured Heart and My Glue Gun

This is my Challenge for two of my challenge groups on Yahoo. In one the word was fractured and in the other you had to use your glue gun and make embellishment on a quiltlet(I am not sure if that is a word?)
I used a piece of a quilt that was in the house fire. There were just parts of it left. So I cut a zig zag and left the edges raw as that's the way my heart felt after the fire. But good things sprout from bad, so I put seeds coming from the fracture. (I glued them on with my glue gun) I don't think that's what they mean when they said embellishments so I made a zig zag sort of heart, painted it and the black fabric with metallic paint. I like the transparent look it has. Oh and I gave it a little Spackle powder.
I have grown and learned from the experience of the fire. But I don't want to go through another one!
This was a fun little project , it was only a few hours out of my day and I got to play with new things! What more can I ask for?
We had a very calm Easter. With Rodney, Roy, and Evelyn for dinner.

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