Monday, March 24, 2008

Froggie Gets Eyes

Here's Froggie! He has been done for all most 2 weeks but he had no eyes. He has been laying around the living room because he couldn't see . I thought he needed blue eyes to match the stitching on his skin. He is good company, he never argues, and he is nice to look at. He is green my favorite color. He is talented. I have trained him to sit.
He loves to lay on his stomach.
And best of all he can be put in the microwave and he makes my shoulder's and back feel better.
I would kiss him but you know ? He could be my Prince Charming and then I would have to cook for him! So no kisses for this frog!

1 comment:

LindaL said...

Yep, gotta watch out for those Prince Charmings.