Friday, June 10, 2011

I am back and got a new puppy!

This is Kota. He is a mix of pug and pick. 6 months old and his birthday is 1/1/2011. I got him from the border rescue here in Bisbee. He was not socialized and was afraid of everything .

He is coming along very well . Acting like a puppy and happy.

I was in Nebraska for 3 weeks and went to #1 grandsons graduation and #3 granddaughters 8th grade graduation. This is my DD Jennie and Sara at the ceremony.

Here is my Josh. He was #3 in his class. I am so proud of the grand kids they all do very well in school.

This is Kristin and Sara. Kristin is in her last year of collage and is in Waco TX. this Summer doing missionary work there.