Friday, January 23, 2015

And more Christmas quilts.

Christmas quilts

The girls all got Jellyroll quilts of some kind.

Christmas quilts for my family.

As you can see the boys big and little got some kind of Star Wars quilt.

My Bedroom & Christmas ornaments. Happy New Year!

 Here my bedroom . It's finished but for a little painting of some of the trim. it only took over 6 months to do .
I had a big hole in the floor that had to be fixed.
Thanks to my DD Jennie and her fortitude and persistence to get me help it's looking good. It's nice to be in my bedroom instead of the living room! What some paint, some trim and a new laminate floor can do for a room!
Now I am sorting thing and trying to get some organization back in the living room.
Which is also my sewing room/living room until Spring.
I made the family all a new ornament for Christmas this year. This one is my friend Janie's. I had a little Elvis fabric.
The boys was mad out of red and black Star War fabric and all the girls was pretty Christmas  and red fabrics.