Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Finish out the year with the old!

 Done with the top. I have the back made and it will go in the pill at my DD Jennie's to be quilted.
For some reason the flash on the camera reflected the black fabric funny? Some of it looks gray in the photo.
It's all most a new year . I am not sure what I am doing next? I have several to pick from. What ever it is it will be a step in the right direction. They aren't works of art but they will be done and used and I hope love by some one.
For now Have a very Happy New Year!!!  Keep sewing and quilting.   Flicsha

Monday, December 30, 2013

Another old UFO project not finished.

This is another UFO project from around 20 years or more ago.
The Orchard Quilters started are group with this project . We all had a month and a block. For some reason I only have 8 blocks completed. I am now doing a 9th one so I can put this quilt together. I think it's time to finish it!!  I think I am setting it with the rose and blue print in the center front block. I only have 10 yards or so of it. I must have liked it at the time or it was a very good sale!  I am doing a simple friendship star to get it finished. I will set it on point. So wish me luck maybe by Friday?
In the mean time keep quilting!   Flicsha

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Friday's finish it up. Finished.

 It's Sunday night and I finished the quilt top. I got out and started Friday. It is 70" x 74" not quit sq.
The colors are much better than they look here. Now to have it quilted by my DD Jennie.
I will bind it in the purple. One less thing in the UFO stack.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Finish it up Friday or start it Friday?

the blocks are 6" sq.
 I have had this row by row that was done by 4 other quilters and myself  the summer before 2000.
 I have shuffled it back over the years because of thing or another.
 I got it out today. lay it out on the cutting table. It sits there and I move one row or another from time to time.
I think about how I should join the rows. I am thinking may by up and down ? then maybe across side to side???
Maybe by next Friday I can have the top finished?
I am waiting for divine inspiration! I hope it hits soon. It's time to get this quilt finished!
Time for bed. A new day may help.
KEEP Sewing and quilting!     Flicsha

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve

 DGD Sara and DIL Jammie. Sara with new shorts on her head.
I had my kids and there family's for Christmas Eve. Soup supper. Chili, & Oyster stew. Lots of crackers, cookies,  spreads, and dips. Sweet and Savory. And of course fudge and candies.
We are all stuffed toads by the time we got to the gifts.
I think we all had a very nice time and a lot of laughing.
 DGD Kristin, DGS's Josh and Brad.
 DSI Kevin.
 Sara , Jammie, And Kelsey
 Kristin and Josh.
 Josh and Brad
 My Very DD Jennie.
 Kelsey and Jammie.
 Sara and Jammie
 Kelsey , Jennie and there best brother ever Spike.
 My DGD Dariann.
DGS Jacob
Sara , Josh, Brad, Spike ,Jennie, Kevin
I gave everyone scarfs for Christmas and some put them on there heads.
O hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 20, 2013

!0:00 PM finish

 I finally finished my bag and the 4 candle mats. I think I am done with my sewing for Christmas. (I hope!)
 I also got this fast table runner done to day. DD Jennie said she needed a birthday gift for a friend out of the coffee fabric so I made a simple one for her today. She needed it in the morning.
I will spend the day wrapping or should I say bagging gifts. I hate to wrap gifts. Bagging them is so much faster!
I am off to Omaha Sunday to pickup my DGD Kristin she is coming  home from Seattle. She is a high school  English teacher there. It will be good to see her.
It's late so keep sewing and stay warm!     Flicsha

Finish it up Friday! really!

 I got a lot done yesterday and hope to finish things today. Well all my sewing that's been going on . I started Oct. 1st. and have been going hard.
I finished the top bag Wednesday and got it in the mail.
I did the other 2 yesterday.
I also got the rest of my mug rugs  done last night.

I got some things wrapped. I used the shopper adds. I did use metallic cored to tie them. When you live in a town of 300 and some and 25 miles to a town that would have wrapping paper you get creative. repurpose and reuse.
I hope to get the rest of my candle mats done along with one last bag.
I will post finished things later.
Keep warm and keep sewing!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Monday project good buy's

I made 4 candle mats Monday. I got candles for little of nothing last year after Christmas. Got to love a after Christmas sale. 90% off. I am working on more today. I got the Santa print at the Good Will for less than $2.00 for about 3 yards with a 12 in. sq. missing out of one corner. I do love my good buys.
Keep sewing!  Flicsha

Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Sunday. Cross body bags.

I had a quiet Sunday.  My DS Kelsey and his girlfriend came for breakfast. That was a nice surprise. Then the rest of the day was mine.
 Jammie is the girlfriends name. She ask me to make bags for her 3 sisters. I let her pick out the fabrics for them. One likes animal prints but I am all out . So she thought the brown and gold fabric would work for one. I don't have a black zippers. So it got gold.
 Jammie picked this out and I didn't know if I liked it for a bag or not.  It turned out nice but kind  of Summer looking.
She really liked the print butterfly fabric that I trimmed the bag with. Her sister likes pink so this is it.
It's all ways a challenge to just use what you have. Zippers are hard to come by when you live 65 miles from the closest fabric store. I had to make a call or 2 for help from friends. To get some that would go with the fabrics.
It's time for bed.
 So keep sewing and quilting.   Flicsha

DD Jennie's Christmas gift.

I made this for my DD Jennie for Christmas but as usual she saw it early. She loves cat fabric along with all other fabric.
I got the fabric 2 years ago this Christmas to make her something and
 NOW was the time.
 I had some of the quilted fabric left so I made a coin purse. I an not happy with the quilting but it's done . Some times things just don't turn out like you thank they will. I finished it Friday night.
 Stay warm, Merry Christmas and most of all keep sewing!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

My Finish it up Friday!

 I got my new Jewelry  Armour 2 weeks ago Monday At the Salvation Army bin store.
My D Son took me. They throw every thing in big laundry carts or bins. They open the isle and let everyone have at it. It's a free for all! It was like a bunch of Purana's!(not sure of the spelling)
I wasn't brave and went looking at the other things the had sitting around. And there it was sitting all by it's self. It had a handle missing . I opened the drawer and there it was. Where the fabric is was empty. The mirror was brock out and the lid was brock and coming apart. There were scratches on it. But the inside is like new.
It came home to live at my house. It has been sitting in my living room  were we sat it.( With the help of DD Jennie. )It's very heavy.
Today was the day I started to work on it. Fixed the lid put some fabric that matched the mauve lining. glued the handle that was off. I also filled in the scratches. It looks great. Now to get some one to help me move it to my bedroom. Then to fill it with my things.
 Below is a bag I made for my going to be  DIL Jammie. It's for Christmas but she doesn't look at my blog so I am safe.
 I have made other gifts but the ones I made them for read my blog. So I can't post them.
Until next time keep Sewing!!   Flicsha

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What I have been up to.

 Over the week end I made 5 fast mug rugs for gifts. They have cups I found to match. I also made a Hot & Mop for a gift .( can't show it. It's a gift for some one that checks my blog.)
 Then I tried making a hot wheels car caddy. The first one I was not happy with so I made another one.
 Above is the second one I made. I am  sort of happy with it. I put pockets in the center and elastic for more cars. I put a zipper down the center length of it. The clear vinyl is not easy to work with but I got it done. There is Velcro on the top edges to hold it closed. I think it will work fine for a little boy that loves his hot wheels.
Below was my first one I don't know what I was thinking. Or maybe I wasn't? The pockets are facing  down when the caddy is closed the cars will fall out!
There is a zipper down the center width of this on. It will still hold cars but not well thought out. Some little boy will love it any way.
Now on with more gift making. Can't show it all. It will not be a surprise.
Stay warm and keep sewing!!