Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Sunday. Cross body bags.

I had a quiet Sunday.  My DS Kelsey and his girlfriend came for breakfast. That was a nice surprise. Then the rest of the day was mine.
 Jammie is the girlfriends name. She ask me to make bags for her 3 sisters. I let her pick out the fabrics for them. One likes animal prints but I am all out . So she thought the brown and gold fabric would work for one. I don't have a black zippers. So it got gold.
 Jammie picked this out and I didn't know if I liked it for a bag or not.  It turned out nice but kind  of Summer looking.
She really liked the print butterfly fabric that I trimmed the bag with. Her sister likes pink so this is it.
It's all ways a challenge to just use what you have. Zippers are hard to come by when you live 65 miles from the closest fabric store. I had to make a call or 2 for help from friends. To get some that would go with the fabrics.
It's time for bed.
 So keep sewing and quilting.   Flicsha

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