Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What I have been up to.

 Over the week end I made 5 fast mug rugs for gifts. They have cups I found to match. I also made a Hot & Mop for a gift .( can't show it. It's a gift for some one that checks my blog.)
 Then I tried making a hot wheels car caddy. The first one I was not happy with so I made another one.
 Above is the second one I made. I am  sort of happy with it. I put pockets in the center and elastic for more cars. I put a zipper down the center length of it. The clear vinyl is not easy to work with but I got it done. There is Velcro on the top edges to hold it closed. I think it will work fine for a little boy that loves his hot wheels.
Below was my first one I don't know what I was thinking. Or maybe I wasn't? The pockets are facing  down when the caddy is closed the cars will fall out!
There is a zipper down the center width of this on. It will still hold cars but not well thought out. Some little boy will love it any way.
Now on with more gift making. Can't show it all. It will not be a surprise.
Stay warm and keep sewing!!

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