Friday, December 13, 2013

My Finish it up Friday!

 I got my new Jewelry  Armour 2 weeks ago Monday At the Salvation Army bin store.
My D Son took me. They throw every thing in big laundry carts or bins. They open the isle and let everyone have at it. It's a free for all! It was like a bunch of Purana's!(not sure of the spelling)
I wasn't brave and went looking at the other things the had sitting around. And there it was sitting all by it's self. It had a handle missing . I opened the drawer and there it was. Where the fabric is was empty. The mirror was brock out and the lid was brock and coming apart. There were scratches on it. But the inside is like new.
It came home to live at my house. It has been sitting in my living room  were we sat it.( With the help of DD Jennie. )It's very heavy.
Today was the day I started to work on it. Fixed the lid put some fabric that matched the mauve lining. glued the handle that was off. I also filled in the scratches. It looks great. Now to get some one to help me move it to my bedroom. Then to fill it with my things.
 Below is a bag I made for my going to be  DIL Jammie. It's for Christmas but she doesn't look at my blog so I am safe.
 I have made other gifts but the ones I made them for read my blog. So I can't post them.
Until next time keep Sewing!!   Flicsha

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