Friday, December 20, 2013

!0:00 PM finish

 I finally finished my bag and the 4 candle mats. I think I am done with my sewing for Christmas. (I hope!)
 I also got this fast table runner done to day. DD Jennie said she needed a birthday gift for a friend out of the coffee fabric so I made a simple one for her today. She needed it in the morning.
I will spend the day wrapping or should I say bagging gifts. I hate to wrap gifts. Bagging them is so much faster!
I am off to Omaha Sunday to pickup my DGD Kristin she is coming  home from Seattle. She is a high school  English teacher there. It will be good to see her.
It's late so keep sewing and stay warm!     Flicsha

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akriti sethi said...

omg that's so marvellous...simply stunning! u r really creative