Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas come and gone!

Christmas Eve at my house. Jennie , Kevin , Kelsey and the grand kids came . We had a good time .
Kevin and Jennie Brad and Sara


Kristin and Sara


All my Kids !!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My tree.

I got my tree up right after Thanksgiving. But Jennie came a week later and put the ornaments on for me. It looks so much better than this photo shows. I have really enjoyed it.

More bags!!

I made these for gifts on Sat. My granddaughter Sara,14 needed gift for all her friends . So Sara and I cut them out and Jennie and I sewed and Sara turned them She needed 8 of them and Jennie took some for gifts for her co-workers at the Quilt shop. I kept the brown poke-a-dot.

My friend Janie come over Friday and I showed her how to put them together the 2 below are hers.

The ones we made for Kristin were a great success. The girl's in the apartment at collage loved them.