Monday, June 30, 2008

Just not had the time or will!

I have been going in circles the last few days. It seems like there are other things to keep me from my sewing machine. When I do get time I find that I do not have what I need to work on it.
So you know what that called for? A trip to the quilt shop!!!! DD Jennie and I made a day of it . We went to O'Neil to Quilters Candy Store the LQS here. We had a great time picking out fabric for things we are working on. Then some lunch and a trip to the grocery store. Then back to Jennie's for a afternoon of quilting. It was a very good day!!
My DM has been after me to make 2 baby quilts for some one in the family that had twins. A boy and a girl. They are 4 or 5 times down DC. Yes kind of far from the tree!
Jennie and I made 3 baby quilts to day 2 for the distant cousins and one for Charity. I have the binding to do yet and will post photos when I get them done.
DD Jennie has a friend moving away and so I spent the evening doing the binding on a quilt for her. They are having a going away party tomorrow night. So it was one of those hurry up jobs.
I will drop it off in the morning as I go to Elly's.

You know there is something about getting new fabric that makes me very happy!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dotee, Dotee, Dotee !

I have another trade. 5 to trade 1 for me. These little darlings are called Dotee Dolls. After the lady that started them Dot. They are to be silly and fun . Well I know my fingers are sore from sewing beads. I gave mine dread locks. It's all most 1:00 A.M. so it's time fro bed. It's been a long day!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Birthday Time - July

Did I say I like Sundays. Everyone went fishing this afternoon. That meant I didn't have to fix dinner. That meant I have more sewing time. And no interruptions! These 12 1/2" birthday blocks go out of country so it takes longer to get where they are going. The lime green and teal is going to Denmark and the other is going to the U.K.
I didn't think when making it about the U.S. winning our independence from England I just loved the blue firecracker print. I had some left over from the hot pads and it was on the table. I will explain in her card.

My Invisible Play Mate

Good Morning! We have a bright and sunny day here. I did this this morning. No one here to bother me. I love Sunday Mornings! This is my Challenge for 2 groups in one the word is CHILDHOOD and in the other is INVISIBLE. So you know me I fudge a little by doing more than one in a quilt. A lot of us as children had invisible Friends and play mates. Mine was a lot like me. She was all ways there when I needed a Friend or play mate. I added in my quilting the saying Sugar and spice and ever thing nice. I can remember my Grandmother saying That verse to me when I was small. Memories are invisible as well a imaginary Friends.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

It rained and hailed here the corn fields look a little ragged. Some of my plants have holes in the leaves. Now it's been raining and lighting hard. I think it's all most past use now.
I started this trade last night and finished it tonight. It's the last hot pad trade in the group I am in. The theme as you can see was the 4th of July.A FQ, candle, 2 coasters, and 2 hot pads.
I think they turned out nice . I love the fire cracker fabric I used. You can't see it but it has silver sparkle on it. I took a table runner, Wall hanging, and a baby size quilt I made to a fund raiser for a friends family the little girl about 1 or so has cancer. Her mother had breast cancer before she had her. They have had their share of sickness. They can use all the help they can get. I am going to try to get to the silent auction/bake sale/ breakfast in the morning. I hope they raise a lot for them.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Late night or early morning?

It rained here very hard and we got about an 1" or so in a very short time. It hailed at the Museum while I was working. It was about pea size. I don't think it hurt much.
I started working on these Wednesday morning and finished them tonight. I made 4 of them for a trade in one of my groups. They are called Amulet Pouches. I took felt and painted it with metallic craft paint and the wounder undered it to a batik. Then I quilted it with a variegated thread that had the same colors as the fabric and paint.I zig zagged around the edge with yarn and the variegated thread. Then I added the cord with the zig zag
and thread. They are more work than I thought they would be. It was fun trying them. the charms have a word on each it's my wish for the recipient. They are Hope, Love, peace, and joy all are things we need in our lives.
Well I think it's time for me to head to bed! It's 12:52 A.M. So I am and hour late going to bed.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Swap your stash for June

Here is what I made this month for my Swap Your Stash swap I do in Like Minds Artist Yahoo group. Every month a different person send 7 of use things from her stash and we have to make something with it. I have enjoyed this a lot. I makes me think and use thing I would not use other wise. I added the yarn and the big button to the stash. The bags are 4 1/2" x 7" . They are just for fun bags. I all ways make 2 of what ever I do and send one to the person that sent me her stash. Just so she has a memento of the swap.

We had our QG meeting last night and we had a lot of very nice things in the challenge this year. Luanne T. won 1st place this year. She had a great black, white, and red quilt with red roses.

I got through the demos O.K.
Everyone liked the pillow cases and other things.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Out of the Blue

I have been doing thing for my demo's for my Norfolk Quilt guild. I have 6 pillow cases in different stages. And a lot of samples I think I have everything copied of and ready to go.
I am in a trade in one of my yahoo groups Called 'Out of the Blue' With this trade I had to use a fabric with blue in it, recycle a piece of plastic, use thread or yarn, something from nature, and a circle shape some where in the piece. I used a batik with blues, purples and lime greens. I used some plastic cording I took off of something and saved and an old plastic button. I used some stone beads that I recycled from My DC Gayla's silver shop. (Turquoise and amethyst) I used a pill bottle to stamp circles with paint on the bag in different colors. I finished it with a zig zag stitch and yarn on the edges and for the handle. I also quilted it with variegated thread.
This was my Sunday afternoon play time project. I have 3 to trade and one for me.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Challenge? Green!!!

We are having our challenge this month at My Quilt Gild meeting Monday night . The challenge was: Black, White, and One Other Color. Well you all know what color I used. GREEN!!!!! My favorite color. This is the finished quilt picture. I mounted it on a board so I can hang it like a picture on the wall.
This is a close up of the quilt and the quilting. I all ways say what ever wins has to have wonder under in it. So I used it to put the spiral circles on.(It has happened every year I have been in the Gild) The rest of the fabrics are just stitched down with the quilting. I love to play as I call it and that is just what I did with this. I had fun!!! I used left over triangles from Kristin's Graduation quilt and a scrap piece of black fabric. The only thing I went out and bought was the backing I used. You can hardly see it on the back edges. Every thing I had was from other things I have made.
I took a photo of it after I laid it out so when things would fall of I new where the went. I didn't have enough pins to pin every thing down. I don't plan on winning but if no one takes part it's no fun. Participation is very important in any group. The more the merrier.

Friday, June 6, 2008

All Most Invisible

That's what I call this. I made this for a ugly fabric challenge. The fabric I used for this is the binding,the inside arc, and the large part of the New Your B. block. We had to use the NYB block and the ugly fabric and try to make it wonderful and so you don't really see it. This one below is close to the true colors of the quilt.
If you look close you can see my lizards in the 4 corner blocks. They are trying to be invisible. The guys are having a party in the center. They are the god of fertility, of the earth and are also called the trickster.
I am heading out in the morning to see my mother and some old Friends. I haven't been back to see them in 4 years and I only live 185 miles from them. I will be back on Monday afternoon.
I hoe it's a nice week end.