Thursday, June 19, 2008

Late night or early morning?

It rained here very hard and we got about an 1" or so in a very short time. It hailed at the Museum while I was working. It was about pea size. I don't think it hurt much.
I started working on these Wednesday morning and finished them tonight. I made 4 of them for a trade in one of my groups. They are called Amulet Pouches. I took felt and painted it with metallic craft paint and the wounder undered it to a batik. Then I quilted it with a variegated thread that had the same colors as the fabric and paint.I zig zagged around the edge with yarn and the variegated thread. Then I added the cord with the zig zag
and thread. They are more work than I thought they would be. It was fun trying them. the charms have a word on each it's my wish for the recipient. They are Hope, Love, peace, and joy all are things we need in our lives.
Well I think it's time for me to head to bed! It's 12:52 A.M. So I am and hour late going to bed.

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