Monday, June 30, 2008

Just not had the time or will!

I have been going in circles the last few days. It seems like there are other things to keep me from my sewing machine. When I do get time I find that I do not have what I need to work on it.
So you know what that called for? A trip to the quilt shop!!!! DD Jennie and I made a day of it . We went to O'Neil to Quilters Candy Store the LQS here. We had a great time picking out fabric for things we are working on. Then some lunch and a trip to the grocery store. Then back to Jennie's for a afternoon of quilting. It was a very good day!!
My DM has been after me to make 2 baby quilts for some one in the family that had twins. A boy and a girl. They are 4 or 5 times down DC. Yes kind of far from the tree!
Jennie and I made 3 baby quilts to day 2 for the distant cousins and one for Charity. I have the binding to do yet and will post photos when I get them done.
DD Jennie has a friend moving away and so I spent the evening doing the binding on a quilt for her. They are having a going away party tomorrow night. So it was one of those hurry up jobs.
I will drop it off in the morning as I go to Elly's.

You know there is something about getting new fabric that makes me very happy!!!

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