Friday, April 18, 2014

Travel time/

Hi all! I am off to Washington  near Seattle. I am going to see my Aunt and Uncle and their family.
Best of all I will see My DGD Kristin She is there also. 3 weeks so I will not be posting much .
My DGS Brad is staying here with Spike. I am so happy to have him to take care of the dog.
I couldn't find my travel pillow or luggage tag this morning so I made me new ones . Some times it just easier.
If I don't post tomorrow have a very Happy Easter. Flicsha

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mothers Day flower Pins

 I made these for Mothers Day as gifts for friends and family.
Still cold!
Stay warm! Sew a lot! Flicsha

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DD Jennie's ruler caddy

 I made a ruler caddy for my DD Jennie in pinks yesterday
I got both Jennie's and mine out of a turn over pack . I think it's Moda?
I made longer handles and think I will take them off and shorten them the caddy hung better when carrying it with the shorter handles.  I think I had to add 2 triangles of another fabric to get hers done.
I love the pink it's so soft and girly . Just like my Jennie!
Where did Spring go? We had flurries and cold wind all day.
Say busy and sew ! Flicsha

Monday, April 14, 2014

Little Basket

Hi all! I made this little basket last night while I couldn't sleep. They are all over the internet quilt sights. It's just a sq. with some darts. I started with a 15" sq. and after enveloping and quilting it was 14". I took a 3 1/2 " dart on all 4 sides. I also stippled it .
It's a nice size for small stuff. The sight I found it is on Pinterest.  It's a very nice tutorial.
It's all most 1:00 AM so time to go to bed.
Good night and good dreams! Flicsha

My weekend sewing.

 This was DD Jennie's Basket from quilt group. I finished it for her . She loves pink!
 This is a ruler and rotary cutter caddy. I looked to see if there was a pattern for one and didn't have any luck. So I got busy and just made my own.
I wanted it sort of like a gun case . I made it for my 12 1/2" ruler. I also put a long pocket inside for the cutter and what ever else I want to carry in it.

I need some rest and can get back to sewing!
Thank goodness it's Monday!
Stay happy and sewing! Flicsha

Sara's prom

 It was prom time here for my DGD Sara. I did her hair and flowers for her and 2 of her friends.
It was a busy day Sat.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Orchard Quilters monthly meeting today.

 WE had our meeting today. Top is the last month project a sewing tool caddy. They all turned out very nice.
Next is Wanda's heart pillow for a earlier month. Happy she finished it!  A nice job.
 We have a door prize and I got it this month!!! The only thing is I have to take one for next month now.
There was some candy but it didn't make it home. I had it gone fast!
 Last is the baskets we made today for Easter. Jennie and Wanda's aren't here and Luann's turquoise basket isn't finished in the photo but she will get it do.  They are all are great. We all had a good afternoon of sewing and taking and show and tell. A lot of telling!
And Oh yes and desert! 2 kinds. Chocolate Cake and Cherry Bars.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In the mail today!

Jo in the Falkland Islands sent me this adorable little wall hanging! I need to find a home on my wall somewhere but I wanted to share it with everyone. The flowers are dimensional. It's just so much fun. I think it will go in my sewing room .
Thank you Jo so much.
Keep sewing ! Flicsha

Monday, April 7, 2014

Easter baskets

 I made these some time ago. They are going to be Easter baskets.
I saw a tutorial for this made from paper so I thought I would try it in fabric. I put interfacing in it but I would use a heavy weight next time. I used a light weight fusible. On the purple . I had to tack them to get them to hold there shape.
I had used a medium weight on the turquoise and it held it's shape better.
You could use them for Easter candy or rolls if you like.
It's been a cold Spring so far. I hope it warms up soon so I don't have to run the heat for a while!
Say happy and keep sewing! Flicsha

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cord wraps

I made the cord wraps Friday morning. They will go in Easter Baskets.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My wonky camra pouch & quilts for the quilt shop.

 I made my camera pouch for my little camera. It was scraps for my round place mats. The corners were left so I used them. It's wonky and not sq. It suits me well! I love using what I have and left over scraps for other things. This was on the cutting table so It got put into something. I put the left over zipper in to a handle or carrying strap.  Now my camera has a little nest to rest in when I am not using it!
 DD Jennie and I put these together for the Quilt shop for shop hop.
 The bears are kits and the bottom quilt has the state shop hop fabric in it . Wild for Nebraska or something like that.
The centers of the log cabins is the focal fabric. I can't sat I am overly happy with them but they don't have to be. Others will like them! They aren't going to live with me.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pouches & Quilts

 Hi All,
It's shop hop time in Nebraska. It starts tomorrow. DD Jennie has had me sewing up quilts for it this week.  The shops have fabric to go with the shop hop. It's called Wild about Nebraska.  It's a 1/2 log cabin with corner stones.
Spike is such a ham!
The bottom photo is another version of  the pattern.
 In a Flickr group They are having a theme of cell phone or tablet  pouches. These are 2 I have made for my reader and Kindle.
 I am off to the quilt shop with Jennie today to finish the Wild quilt binding. and some other things before tomorrow.
I really don't like to sew for other things . I prefer to sew things I like or want to do. I find it hard to put my best effort in it when I don't like something.
Stay quilting and sew something FUN! Flicsha