Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday finish!

 Her they are all done!! At last! A lot of these are manly fabrics. We have found out that they sell well at the craft shows.
Now on to some mug rugs for gifts.

Thanksgiving and finish it up Friday

Full from Thanksgiving the dog had to take a little rest. Spike and I got home about 3:00 PM. After a short nap I got to sewing and put my microwave hot pads together. here they are all trimmed and waiting for me.
Then we both sat in the recliner while I turned them right side out. We both were pooped so that's as far as I got last night.

This is my finish it up Friday project. I need to top stitch the edge of all them.(30) I have been working on them all week. It's time to be done so I can move on and work on other things.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

No sew, No photos.

Wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. I had a no sew day yesterday and today is a cooking day . I made pies (2) Pecan cheesecake pie. A new recipe I found on Pinterest.  The family loves both cheesecake and pecan pie so why not both in one? We will see! I made the deviled eggs yesterday. I tried the oven cooked eggs . DON"T try it they explode and they were hard to get the shell off.  The whites are chewie! They could bounce if they hit the floor . I will go back to boiling they from now on. I have the sweet potato's in the oven now. Then it's off to DD Jennie's for dinner at 12:00 with my family.
I wish you the best of days to day. I miss my sewing machine!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Tuesday.

 I am making 30 Microwave bowls. It takes time. I made me a template to mark the darts. It did save some time.
I marked and put fabric Sq's . to cotton batting.( you have to use cotton so it will be safe in the microwave)On Monday afternoon.

 Today I started sewing the X on them.
  I had a break and had a sandwich.  It's 2:30 now had back to work.
Finished the X's

Now it time to do the other side.
All 4 darts are in. Now for the nice part. Hit the recliner put my feet up  cut them apart and to trimmed the darts I use pinking sheers.
Now the 2 side are mated sort off like geese the are mated for life. This is where I got leg cramps from sitting at the sewing machine to much. So I am going to try to get them  put together so DD Jennie can turn them for me. I am going to my DGD Sara's play at school at 1:00 PM so I will be sewing after that.
I did get my Christmas origami ornaments done this evening. There are 15 of them. One for each of my kid's family's.
It's 2:15 AM time to go to bed!
Keep sewing!!!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

My day and liitle projects.

 DD Jennie was here. She brought some things for me I needed. We were doing some of the origami ornament and found these with the Christmas fabric. They have been floating around for a long time as a UFO. Jennie tossed them at me and said "you need to finish these". So I did. ( I think she has told me that maybe 3 or 4 times in the passed.)
 You can see by the year I put on then how long they have been around. I do need to attach a cord or something so they can be hung on the tree or as a very small wall hanging. I used scraps for the back and some of my left over binding scraps for other things we have made.
 I saw this on Pintrest . It looked nice and so I took a look at the tutorial. It was in Italian. I went to print it and only 1/2 would print on one side of the paper.
My good friend Jane came over With cream cheese pumpkin bread. She had some time so we tried making them. They are fast and easy to make.
 Then DD Jennie came and she made one. ( In the bottom photo) I made a pattern of sorts In the tutorial I looked at, it metric and I think it would be about 6 1/2" or 6 1/2" so I made my circle 6 1/2" It just takes 2 - 7" Sq's. of contrasting fabric. Then we decided I should make one for everyone in the family. (just children, spouses, and grand kids.) That 10
I think Jennie cut me 13 out of scraps from my Christmas fabric. I did sew around the circle but It's time for bed. I will finish these tomorrow.
Stay warm and keep making thing. Flicsha

Friday, November 22, 2013

Finish it up Friday!

 This is a table runner that DD Jennie has had for a very long time . It's made from left overs from some one's quilt project at the Quilt Shop she works at part time. She got them out of the trash and just put them together . Some of the seams don't match but that's all right. I got busy on it today and finished for my Friday project.
 I seen on Pinterest some one posted a pin catcher  by gluing a magnet on the bottom of the saucer. So off to the thrift store last Thursday I went. This one is mine. It wobbles a little so I keep the rejects. These are things I have sitting by my sewing machine. Seam ripper, quilt gloves, scissors and a 12" ruler. I like the pin catcher because I kind of throw the pins at it when I am sewing.
Here are the finished things for today. I did 4  Hot & Mops today but some are put away all ready and one has been delivered. I think the table runner came out well. I like it a lot!!
Until next time keep quilting and sewing!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Spike's new coat, Finish it up Friday

 I got a new coat for Spike. Really it was a 6 - 9 mo. sweat shirt with a hood.
 I had to cut it down the center front added strings to tie it, cut the sleeve's off 2". I all so cut the bottom out so it would hang on the floor. The best part is I go the hoodie at the thrift store for quarter. Yes he likes it.  It's cold in here on the floor!!
 More hot and mops. I started 4 today and got 1 finished so tomorrow  I will have to finish them.
That's the plan for my finish it up Friday so far. I hope to get some other things done.
It's all most 12:30 AM so time to start heading to bed. Good night and keep sewing.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just one more apron.

My DD Jennie wanted a apron for a friend . She is a big horse person. so she got a men's western shirt and a horse bola tie. She found the bola tie at a yard sale. It is a horse head.
The pocket looks big but It's the angle I took the photo at.
I need to get back on track . I will be getting behind with the Christmas gift if  I don't.

Sat. Craft show and a rest from sewing.

As you can see DD Jennie is at the table. Where are the people? It was a slow day but we had fair sales.
I have been sewing for 2 weeks like a crazy lady. So I took a little time off from sewing . I needed some time to do that bad thing called house work.
I am back at it today doing a apron for a gift Jennie wants.
We sold a lot of micro wave hot pad bowls so guess what I get to make more by the 7th of Dec. That's the last craft show ,(I hope before Christmas. I still have gifts to make and packages to ship.
So until next time. Keep sewing!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Finish it up Friday

 This is my finish it up Friday projects for the craft show tomorrow in Plain View, NE. I had the eye mask ready to top stitch and put together. I got them done.
 This is the last 6 Hot & Mops . We have put together 20 of them in the last week. I had them ready to top stitch the binding down last night and finished them today.

 I started last night on 10 angels they take about a hour each to stitch and hoop each one . I got 3 done last night and the rest today.

Now it's about 9:30 and time to eat something and to bed. We are leaving at 7:30 AM for the show in the morning.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Orchard Quilter's Christmas partty! From old to young.

WE meet on  the second Tuesday night every month. November is our Christmas party. We are to busy and some times the weather gets in the way in December. So we kick the season off early.
 We played games, had good food, exchanged great gifts. Just had a good time with old friends. Jane is behind the camera.
 DD Jennie and I were in Yankton S.D. a  last week end.  We all ways stop at the Goodwill there. We found new Christmas vest . Mother - Daughter!!  What fun when Jennie came in and Linda said you have matching vest. For $3.50 each we can have a little silliness.
Luann or hostess for the night has a new grand baby. She came to her first Christmas party. Elisabeth is just perfect. We all had the cuddle her before the night was over. She is our youngest member.

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Sunday

 Hi all!
DD Jennie, got these so sweet pumpkin loaf pans . I think 6 of them . She ask me to make a hot pad trivet for them for gifts. I made a large sq. about a fat quarter's worth. I sting pieced it from  opposite corners and then made a quilt sandwich and quilted it with a crazy quilt stitch  on my sewing machine. I did use insulbright  as a foundation for the strings. Then I cut it into 6 pieces for the hot pad trivets. Added a binding.
I think they will make a nice gift for friends and family.
 DD Jennie got going yesterday and made several of these kitchen towels with a pocket.
 I think they will go nicely with the loaf pans.
 While Jennie and I were in Yankton, S.D. Friday we went to the Goodwill a regular stop. (You never know what great things  you will find.)
I found the lamps . At first I though they were kind of ugly but as I looked at them I knew I had to go home with me.
They fit in just fine with my living space. The best part the were only $4.50 each!! Shades and all!
 I have things in my living space that I love and like. (On Man to tell me NO) It's kind of eclectic of maybe Bohemian?
It suits me well. As a old lady I can do what ever I like!  The dog won't say a word.
All on Sunday . Jennie helped me move lamps around the house. Yes I have a great Daughter!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cold toes and Finish it up Friday on Saterday and my next projects.

 I have cold toes! So I made me toe socks. Yes I could have bought them all ready made but frugal me( cheap) got socks on sale  6 pair for the price of what one pair of toe socks would have been. Now I can have my flip flops all winter in the house. P.S. I didn't want all my toes separate like most toe sock are.
 This is my finish it up Friday. I worked on the micro wave hot pad bowls Tuesday and Thursday. All I had to do was the top stitching  around the edge and then I went to Yankton , S.D. With DD Jennie and DGD Sara. WE were gone all day and found lots a bargains. So I had to do my finishing on Saturday. There are 32 in this pile. All done and ready to go.
 This is my next project for the week and hope to have them done sometime Friday. We have a craft show on Saturday.
We call them Hot & Mops. Rachael ray has a version that she calls Mopines. I think ours are much nicer and cheaper. I posted a finished yellow one on a earlier post. My work is cut out for me there are 24 more to do.