Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cold toes and Finish it up Friday on Saterday and my next projects.

 I have cold toes! So I made me toe socks. Yes I could have bought them all ready made but frugal me( cheap) got socks on sale  6 pair for the price of what one pair of toe socks would have been. Now I can have my flip flops all winter in the house. P.S. I didn't want all my toes separate like most toe sock are.
 This is my finish it up Friday. I worked on the micro wave hot pad bowls Tuesday and Thursday. All I had to do was the top stitching  around the edge and then I went to Yankton , S.D. With DD Jennie and DGD Sara. WE were gone all day and found lots a bargains. So I had to do my finishing on Saturday. There are 32 in this pile. All done and ready to go.
 This is my next project for the week and hope to have them done sometime Friday. We have a craft show on Saturday.
We call them Hot & Mops. Rachael ray has a version that she calls Mopines. I think ours are much nicer and cheaper. I posted a finished yellow one on a earlier post. My work is cut out for me there are 24 more to do.

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