Thursday, November 21, 2013

Spike's new coat, Finish it up Friday

 I got a new coat for Spike. Really it was a 6 - 9 mo. sweat shirt with a hood.
 I had to cut it down the center front added strings to tie it, cut the sleeve's off 2". I all so cut the bottom out so it would hang on the floor. The best part is I go the hoodie at the thrift store for quarter. Yes he likes it.  It's cold in here on the floor!!
 More hot and mops. I started 4 today and got 1 finished so tomorrow  I will have to finish them.
That's the plan for my finish it up Friday so far. I hope to get some other things done.
It's all most 12:30 AM so time to start heading to bed. Good night and keep sewing.

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