Friday, November 22, 2013

Finish it up Friday!

 This is a table runner that DD Jennie has had for a very long time . It's made from left overs from some one's quilt project at the Quilt Shop she works at part time. She got them out of the trash and just put them together . Some of the seams don't match but that's all right. I got busy on it today and finished for my Friday project.
 I seen on Pinterest some one posted a pin catcher  by gluing a magnet on the bottom of the saucer. So off to the thrift store last Thursday I went. This one is mine. It wobbles a little so I keep the rejects. These are things I have sitting by my sewing machine. Seam ripper, quilt gloves, scissors and a 12" ruler. I like the pin catcher because I kind of throw the pins at it when I am sewing.
Here are the finished things for today. I did 4  Hot & Mops today but some are put away all ready and one has been delivered. I think the table runner came out well. I like it a lot!!
Until next time keep quilting and sewing!!

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