Thursday, November 28, 2013

No sew, No photos.

Wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. I had a no sew day yesterday and today is a cooking day . I made pies (2) Pecan cheesecake pie. A new recipe I found on Pinterest.  The family loves both cheesecake and pecan pie so why not both in one? We will see! I made the deviled eggs yesterday. I tried the oven cooked eggs . DON"T try it they explode and they were hard to get the shell off.  The whites are chewie! They could bounce if they hit the floor . I will go back to boiling they from now on. I have the sweet potato's in the oven now. Then it's off to DD Jennie's for dinner at 12:00 with my family.
I wish you the best of days to day. I miss my sewing machine!

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