Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sara's last Prom.

 Sara my granddaughter went to her Senior Prom Last Sat. I had 5 teens here getting ready.
I got Sara with the hot iron.
She has a lot of hair to do.
Her hair is so heavy and long it's hard to work with.
 My day started at 7:00 AM doing flowers for 5 teens. Hair , clothing and so on.

They had a great time . I will miss do prom  with her. She is the last one of 4 to graduate. And now it's off the collage this fall.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Snap Bag weekend!!

My DD Jennie and I had a afternoon sewing weekend Sat. and Sunday. WE made 18 snap bags, 4 hot pads for some of DGD Kristin's Guy friends. Then I also got a block with my name on it from Janie and friend of mine. I added the quilt block motif and stippled it and added the binding. She didn't like the way it tuned out and was going to toss it out. I think it was a good save!!
DGD Sara it going the graduate for high school the 9th of May . She will be giving the snap bags to her friends both boys and girls.  We made Denim  with Star Wars and a red and blue plaid for the boys. She has things to put in them . I think?

 The hot pads are for 2 of DGD Kristin's guy friends. WE all ready made her girl friends some.
The bags are all made from scraps and a old measuring tape that was in the trash at Jennie's house.
It was a good weekend with my DD Jennie.  I love it when she sews with me!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Apron for Deb.

My good friend Debby is having knee surgery Monday. They told her to get a utility apron so she could have things she needs and not have so much running for small thing.
I got busy this afternoon and made her a denim apron with lots of pockets to hold all the stuff she needs, I also added a key ring and a swivel hook.
I hope things go well for her and she enjoys the apron.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tuesday's projects.

 Tuesday's  Projects. My Dear friend Debby as I call her from  over the last 50 + years is going through so very hard things. She is such very strong woman! She has had Breast cancer and survived for over 20 years and Lymphoma for the last 10 years. Now she is faced with another health issue. I made this card for her with my words inside to tell her how much I am thinking of her.
I was showing my friend Janie how to use my embroidery machine and do lettering. This was fast and easy. Now I have a new hot pad to sit things on. I used scraps of my sewing table.

Monday, April 13, 2015

New Spring Summer bag.

DD Jennie came and sewed with me yesterday. She made 2 bags from a fabric collection she got at her first shop hop quilt shop stop. This one she made for me and she made one for her self. Hers is lighter but some of the same fabrics. I made key fobs for both of use. She also made her self 2 small zip bag for small things in her bag. She left before I could get photos taken of it all.
Keep creating and sewing!  Flicsha

Sunday, April 12, 2015

cup sewing organizers

 I got the 2 coffee cup organizers done that we were doing at our quilt group .
One for DD Jennie and one for me.
My Sunday project.

One more apron?

 I am in a quilt group called " Quick Quilt Saturday " this was the project they did this Sat.
It's made from a men's shirt. Turned into a apron.
The men's shirt is made of silk fabric. It didn't slide on the machine so well
There is a small lime green strip in the fabric and so I went with it for the trim.
Some one will come a long to give it a home, that will like it and use it.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Magic wands

Magic wands or stylist as the are some times called . I am not sure if they are done yet. I can't decide.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Easter Basket.

I made myself a basket for Easter. I just love the print I used. It's looks so like Spring & Summer to me. The inside lining is the green checked fabric like the handles. Now if it was filled with caramel Easter eggs I would be a happy girl!!