Saturday, June 29, 2013

$2.00 and 10 min. out door chairs

 Jennie, Kelsey , my DS and his soon to be wife all went sale hopping in Ewing , NE. It was city wide.
 The school had things for sale. They had  7 green (My favorite color) chairs for $ .50 each and I talked the guy into letting me have 7 for $2.00 so my out door seating only cost me $2.00 and 10 min. and some zip ties. Here in town they put out things to sit on out in front of the buildings on main St.
I didn't want to build wooden benches so this is what I did. The first weekend in Aug. We have our yearly celebration and parade. Everyone is  looking for somewhere to sit.  Living on main St. isn't all ways the best thing but I don't have grass to mow . No front yard!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

30 fabric hot pads

Jennie dropped  by after work with 9- 30's fabric hot pads for me to bind. So a long movie and the next thing I know , they are all done.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Big quilt and $1.00 and 10 min redo.

 Jennie did this quilt for a guy. He needed a very large king size and very puffffy. She brought it to me to trim, make binding and bind it. It was a all day and night job. Well I finished it about 11:30 PM last night. He told her what he wanted. not very creative but he will like it. Silver and black just what he ask for squares and all.

Jennie and I went to the goodwill or salvation army not sure about the store in Yankton. S.D. it. I got these  pillow sham's 2 for $1.00. It took me about 10 min. to put them on the back and seat that existed. You can see my green chair. It is a catch all at the front door. I think it was well worth the time for the result. It looks so nice and clean. The chair was over 20 years old and a lot of grand kids time. It was time for a new look.

OK it was so good I took my $3.00 rocking chair that I got at a  sale. I did the same thing with 2  pillow sham's. My friend Janie gave me 3 so I still have one for my bed.
My TV stand and entertainment center is really 2 components . Jennie and I were in Council Bluffs, Iowa and found the night stand and a small book case. Cleaned them up and with a little spray paint and then stacking them together it made a nice little stand for my TV and receiver's and such.
I love a good bargain!! This one cost $3.00 and 10 min.


 Another flag! Healing is out of the jar and is now blowing in the wind. I hope it  will come in contact with a lot of souls in the world, as the word travels in the air.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Scraps and check book covers

 Jennie gives me her small scraps. I like to use them up in small projects. Fronts of the five I did today.
 I put the pin holders on the back of them.
The inside was a mix of everything.
These will go into the gift box for Christmas and other gift when needed.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Quilts and the Dog.

 I finished a binding on Kristin's quilt Friday. Spike thinks all quilts are his so the first thing he dose is sleep on them. He is on my lap while I sew the binding down and if I leave it some where
 he's on it. This is his corner of the living room. He will not leave the pillows on the couch , where I put them. He thinks the coffee table is a perch for him to watch me from. Spike loves to lay on the back of the couch. Sometimes I think he's more cat than dog.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Over night.

 Last night I put the binding on more of Jennie's pot holders. 5 more done.
 Orchard Quilters meet on the second Tue. of each month. This month Jennie shared how to cut and put together a border print table runner. I got the top for 3 of them done at the meeting. Today I made it my goal to finish one of them. It is enveloped and then quilted. It's done in no time. Love the bright colors of LB fabrics.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Perseverance ?

It's late in the day as I am wearing down. A few days ago Jennie was here sewing with me and she went throw the jar of words. Perseverance was the word she said I needed.
Some times we are just to tiered to care. It's hard to keep going sometimes. Maybe that's what getting old is? Sometimes you just don't have the drive or the energy to keep going to the end. Oh well there is all ways tomorrow. Things all ways look better in the morning.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Scraps. hot pads, and a new check book cover

 Jennie and Sara come over yesterday evening to sew with me . We used up some scraps from other things. We ended up with 9 hot pads Jennie took home 2 or 3 others. She put them together and quilted them and I am trimmed and made binding for them. Now I came sit with my feet up and bind them in the evenings. The orange brown looking ones are in the door prize bag for tonight's quilt meeting. Along with 2 cup I found with Orchard on them. WE live in Orchard, Nebraska. Sara was helping with the spaghetti while we worked. It was a good supper.
 I needed a new check book cover. The one I had was over 5 years old so yes time for a new one. I put the pen holder on the back this time. Using up more scraps. Batiks just love them!

Monday, June 10, 2013

A Good day got a few things done..

 I got a few things done today. I did 2 aprons from men's shirts as seen on Pintrest. One for me and one for DD Jennie. I had Sara model mine and Jennie is at the bottom of the page.
 I had this old and very dirty chair with a leather looking seat that was a reddish brown color. You can see it's missing a rung in the back. I thought it was time to make it of some use, so I put apple green paint on it and a new fabric cover on the seat. From hanging out in the back of my building to the living room.
 Here are the finished yard sun catchers. Now to fine a place for mine and enjoy.
I did a better job on Jennies apron. I added lace on the collar, down the front and the pockets. She said it's her canning apron this year.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Healing Did I ever tell you I love green?

My latest flag. Healing. I guess you could think of lots of ways to heal . Body, mind and soul.
 I think a little of all is needed. Healing is a warm thought and DD Jennie gave me some scraps in warm pinks and yellows.
 Jennie came to my house with lots of glass wear . She is building sun catchers for the yard.
 She was to come back the next day. But she played midwife to her goats Thursday. So there they sit waiting for her. I think they will be a great deal of fun in the sun in the backyard. I will take photos of them in the yard if and when she gets them finished. Best of all they are mostly green!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Spirituality was the word out of the jar today.
 I used a hand painted piece of fabric paper and batiks. I love batiks.

The sisters flags streamers are in a ball. I was going to untangle them then thought of our three lives and how we are all tangled together. So I left them.

Monday, June 3, 2013



Yes another flag
 You may want to know how I come up with my words. I have made lots of words and put them in a jar . I take one out and make a flag. It's funny how they seem to work today I sent both my sisters a care package. Came home and pulled out a word from the jar and the word sisters came out.
I used are favorite colors, green for me, blue for Donna and pink for Sue.
We all live apart Sue in Texas , Donna in KC Kansas.
I am in Nebraska.
So our roads come together now and then. They are all ways with me and in my thoughts.
As you see the wind is relentless.
I will get a better photo with the next flag. I gave up today . It just keeps blowing!
 I enjoy the flags and not worrying about how they look to others. All I give myself is 30 min. out of my day for them.
It's funny how many people are going down the ally to see what's blowing in the wind.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hotpad bowls and more Hotpad bowls

       Before Christmas Jennie went to a craft show and came home with a microwave hot pad bowl and ask me if I could make some. Well yes but a pattern would be better and not as much work.
So I got on the computer and found a tutorial or maybe 3 and got the general idea of them and started making them for Christmas  gifts for family and friends.
Then I made a set of 4 with orange bowls for a bridal shower gift. My DGD Kristin took orders from all the people at the shower and came home with a job for her mother, herself and me. We made around 55 of the hot pad bowls.
                                               They are great to warm things up in the microwave or for cold things like ice cream.

My Grand kids

Here are my 4 grand kids

Josh, Brad, Kristin, And Sara. Kristin is on her new journey in a new job for the Summer in Seattle.   
 Brad is getting a job here for the Summer and then going to Norfolk to school.  Josh will say in Orange City and work for the Summer. He's going into his third year of collage. Sara is a Junior in high school and is working as a camp councilor at the bible camp all 4 of the kids have went to growing up.
they are all growing up. I don't get to see as  much of them now. But that's what growing up and going out in the world is.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jennie's surprise flag

 Jennie my DD showed up this afternoon with a flag for me with the word energy on it. She read my blog.
 I am sure the wind is going to blow us all to China. I wanted to travel!
WE turned the flags to go north to south. Now you see Spike's kennel and my 4 tomato plants.
That's my big garden.


 Well #2 is done and blowing in the wind.
I used the word forgiveness.
I know I can use some in my heart and mind.
 Boy it should be in Chine in no time with the wind today!
I am using bits and scraps in my sewing room.
You never know what may show up on my flags!