Monday, June 3, 2013



Yes another flag
 You may want to know how I come up with my words. I have made lots of words and put them in a jar . I take one out and make a flag. It's funny how they seem to work today I sent both my sisters a care package. Came home and pulled out a word from the jar and the word sisters came out.
I used are favorite colors, green for me, blue for Donna and pink for Sue.
We all live apart Sue in Texas , Donna in KC Kansas.
I am in Nebraska.
So our roads come together now and then. They are all ways with me and in my thoughts.
As you see the wind is relentless.
I will get a better photo with the next flag. I gave up today . It just keeps blowing!
 I enjoy the flags and not worrying about how they look to others. All I give myself is 30 min. out of my day for them.
It's funny how many people are going down the ally to see what's blowing in the wind.

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