Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hotpad bowls and more Hotpad bowls

       Before Christmas Jennie went to a craft show and came home with a microwave hot pad bowl and ask me if I could make some. Well yes but a pattern would be better and not as much work.
So I got on the computer and found a tutorial or maybe 3 and got the general idea of them and started making them for Christmas  gifts for family and friends.
Then I made a set of 4 with orange bowls for a bridal shower gift. My DGD Kristin took orders from all the people at the shower and came home with a job for her mother, herself and me. We made around 55 of the hot pad bowls.
                                               They are great to warm things up in the microwave or for cold things like ice cream.

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Lila Rostenberg said...

Those bowls are such a great idea! I often make extra trips when taking something out of the microwave, as I forgot to bring a hot pad along!
Thanks for a great Idea!