Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Scraps. hot pads, and a new check book cover

 Jennie and Sara come over yesterday evening to sew with me . We used up some scraps from other things. We ended up with 9 hot pads Jennie took home 2 or 3 others. She put them together and quilted them and I am trimmed and made binding for them. Now I came sit with my feet up and bind them in the evenings. The orange brown looking ones are in the door prize bag for tonight's quilt meeting. Along with 2 cup I found with Orchard on them. WE live in Orchard, Nebraska. Sara was helping with the spaghetti while we worked. It was a good supper.
 I needed a new check book cover. The one I had was over 5 years old so yes time for a new one. I put the pen holder on the back this time. Using up more scraps. Batiks just love them!

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